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Pete Santilli: “Evan Neumann has corroborated everything that’s in here.” referring to U.S. Supreme Court case 22-6123 regarding blackmail scheme of child rape and murder including Chief Justice John Roberts

According to Pete Santilli on his Pete Santilli Show around January 9, 2023 (citation: Episode 3274-6PM 26:56 through 32:19 (minutes:seconds)) talking about a man who has been wanted by the U.S. FBI, Evan Neumann, has corroborated everything of the claims made by Attorney Lin Wood in Brian D. Hill’s EMERGENCY APPLICATION TO CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS TO RECUSE HIMSELF FROM ALL PROCEEDINGS INVOLVED IN CERTIORARI PETITION CASE (pdf also in Supreme Court, attached evidence also filed in attachment to EMERGENCY MOTION for John Roberts to recuse himself, the same basic evidence used in the application). This is regarding case no. 22-6123, filed by Brian D. Hill who is formerly USWGO Alternative News, and has been an ally of Q since late 2018. The episode is dubbed as: “BREAKING! U.S. Supreme Court is OFFICIALLY CAPTURED | EP 3274-6PM”. Thank You Pete Santilli for confirming this information through sources other than just simply Attorney L. Lin Wood. This helps the blackmail scheme case of Brian David Hill aka Brian D. Hill of formerly USWGO Alternative News.

U.S. Supreme Court denies (throws out) Certiorari Petition in BLACKMAIL SCHEME CASE; Chief Justice John Roberts who is blackmailed/compromised refused to recuse himself and refused to act on EMERGENCY MOTION to recuse; John Roberts is compromised (Case no. 22-6123) John Roberts VIOLATED FEDERAL LAW

Note: Also see article: Compromised and BLACKMAILED U.S. SUPREME COURT denied Certiorari for Raland Brunson case; and Attorney Robert Thomas III lied about the Brunson case being “accepted by the Supremes” – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court files on Docket the Petition and Emergency Application regarding alleged BLACKMAIL SCHEME of Judges and Officials including allegedly JOHN ROBERTS citing Attorney Lin Wood claims and letter to Attorney Lin regarding alleged blackmail videos of child rape and murder

Author: Stanley Bolten Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, has put enough pressure on the Deputy Clerk to stop blocking the Certiorari Writ Petition and Emergency Application regarding the alleged BLACKMAIL SCHEME of “Judges” and “Officials” engaging in… Continue Reading →

REPOST: Lin Wood Whistleblower Interview: Danger in Supreme Court – Clever Journeys

Reposted from Lin Wood Whistleblower Interview: Danger in Supreme Court Posted on March 4, 2021 by Texans Jack & Dodie Each day, we learn new revelations in politics that startle, anger, and depress us. What you are about to… Continue Reading →

U.S. SUPREME COURT ATTEMPTING TO BLOCK FILING of Emergency Application asking BLACKMAILED Chief Justice John Roberts to recuse himself and Certiorari Petition for denied motions asking for Special Master to review over blackmail videos alleged by Attorney L. Lin Wood, child rape and murder blackmail

The U.S. SUPREME COURT gone and done it now. They are attempting to reject the filings of Brian D. Hill’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari and Emergency Application to Chief Justice John Roberts to recuse himself from the case. The filings concern an interlocutory appeal of two motions being denied requesting a Special Master to review over the what Attorney L. Lin Wood had alleged to be the existence of blackmail videos of “judges” and “officials” concerning allegedly recorded acts of child rape and murder. The filings have been returned to Brian Hill with a single-page letter with an excuse that Brian’s appendix lacks a “final order”. See the PDF file of the scanned letter given to us by Brian’s family. Brian D. Hill is formerly the news reporter of USWGO Alternative News.

Chief Justice and panel at Virginia Supreme Court throws out appeal of CAV dismissing Brian D. Hill’s Writ of Actual Innocence Petition over procedural default; Justice connected to TIM KAINE, very suspicious #truth #CorruptTimKaine

A panel of justices at the Supreme Court of Virginia, incl. Chief Justice Goodwyn throws out appeal of Brian D. Hill’s dismissed Petition for the Writ of Actual Innocence. It wasn’t dismissed because Brian had no merit of proclaiming actual innocence, no that was not the reason, it was dismissed on a legal technicality, and was procedurally barred by technicality and procedurally defaulted. Brian was the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News.

QAnon dates match death of Justice Ruth Ginsburg, USWGO news letter to Justice Thomas, John Roberts mentioned twice in Jeffrey Epstein flight logs

Information posted by QAnon shows a certain date-timeline. That timeline matches the exact end day that former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died right before it had happened. Also the letter that Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news had sent to Clarence Thomas was also sent around that timeline period and was probably being reviewed right on the start of the second date timeline period mentioned by QAnon on September 13, 2020. Also further research shows that Chief Justice John Roberts may have been compromised by serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein as an investigative report video on Twitter stated that one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States was getting onboard Jeffrey Epstein’s flights to likely be blackmailed as a pedophile with dark dirty skeletons in their closets. The flight logs filed in federal court of appeals records [which can be accessed on with the official digital federal court records] show Justice John Roberts name two times in the flight logs, assuming that it was for the Lolita Express. Sorry John Roberts, it appears that you are a blackmail-able puppet and this blog will have to expose this online. John Roberts has betrayed Donald Trump and had voted not in favor of Trump on some cases before the Supreme Court. Those decisions should be reversed via “petition for rehearing” or a “motion to reconsider” based upon the facts or evidence of blackmail of possible criminal activity of a Justice of the Supreme Court. Those decisions should be reviewed over once again in those past decisions. John Roberts even publicly went against the Second Amendment which is stabbing his oath of office in the back politically and refusing to enforce the Constitution as it was written for the American people. Another newspaper said he voted with the liberals, again. If he, John Roberts was being blackmailed by Jeffrey Epstein then that means Supreme Court Justice John Roberts may be a PEDOPHILE, and the pedophilia of being associated with Jeffrey Epstein would make John Roberts betray Donald Trump and not act on his own sound mind but based upon being a “puppet to a” puppeteer or “puppet master” which Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news also eluded to in his letter to Justice Clarence Thomas.

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