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Stanley Bolten on Truth Social: The Raland J. Brunson case (No. 22-380) may be dismissed, Writ of Certiorari petition denied because we have seen six cases in Brian Hill v. United States being denied after each U.S. Solicitor General’s waiver of right to respond; John Roberts is compromised, blackmailed, and corrupt, he will never allow this case to proceed

The case of Raland J. Brunson, Petitioner v. Alma S. Adams, et al., case number 22-380 before the U.S. Supreme Court, risks being denied for Writ of Certiorari Petition and the case could be dismissed. This blog has covered every Supreme Court case of Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. The petitioner should act now to try to compel the U.S. Government to respond and force them to lie their way (because the corrupt U.S. Government usually lies in Court) into trying to get the case dismissed. This will further expose the corruption in the U.S. Department of Justice, and would compel the Supreme Court not to deny the petition but instead consider it or prove that the entire Supreme Court is corrupt and illegitimate. As they bring in Communism and end the republic with puppet politicians and puppet judges. We fear that Chief Justice John Roberts is compromised, so we are discussing this issue with as many as possible on Truth Social following the Brunson case.

REPOST: Lin Wood Whistleblower Interview: Danger in Supreme Court – Clever Journeys

Reposted from Lin Wood Whistleblower Interview: Danger in Supreme Court Posted on March 4, 2021 by Texans Jack & Dodie Each day, we learn new revelations in politics that startle, anger, and depress us. What you are about to… Continue Reading →

The model for all police officers everywhere: ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW’s Sheriff Andy Taylor, all police officers need to be like that constitutional peace officer

The police all over America need to be oath keepers and always follow their oaths of office every day before following duty. They need to have common sense when they make the basic law enforcement decisions. They must never go above the Constitution of the United States of America. A great Sheriff, a great police officer to look up to for guidance is the character known as ANDY TAYLOR aka ANDY GRIFFITH from an old 1960s show known as The Andy Griffith Show.

Stanley Bolten to corrupt Assistant U.S. Attorneys of Middle District of North Carolina: “These people are Nazis in attorney uniforms. These DOJ scum are NAZIS, the brownshirts, the GESTAPO.” – The DOJ deserve being called Nazis for the torture of the January 6 defendants and torture of patient Zero Brian D. Hill in 2013-2014

Author: Stanley Bolten Also see articles: USWGO news reporter Brian D. Hill files petition with U.S. Supreme Court regarding BLACKMAIL SCHEME alleged by Attorney L. Lin Wood and asks suspected blackmailed Chief Justice John Roberts to recuse himself, and U.S…. Continue Reading →

U.S. Supreme Court receives Brian D. Hill’s filings regarding Attorney Lin Wood’s alleged information about blackmail scheme on the day of the BLOOD MOON, a bad omen for Chief Justice John Roberts if he is guilty of child rape and murder

The UPS shipping service had delivered to the U.S. Supreme Court the package containing Brian D. Hill’s petition for Writ of Certiorari and Emergency Application today, on the same day after the morning of the lunar eclipse and the blood moon. Usually a blood moon is a bad omen for a tyrannical king to be overthrown/removed from power or when an illegitimate king is about to be overthrown/removed from power. Brian D. Hill is the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News. The filings at the U.S. Supreme Court are in regard to the allegations brought by Attorney L. Lin Wood from his informative source or sources who had alleged to have received blackmail video recordings of “officials” and “judges” from The Lizard Squad (hacking group, hacktivists). The blackmail video recordings are alleged to be recorded acts of child rape and murder, being compelled or forced to rape children then shoot the child on video. Then they are blackmailed and forever compromised. Attorney L. Wood aka Attorney Wood had also named Chief Justice John Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court as to being one of the allegedly blackmailed powerful individuals. This also seems to involve Jeffrey Epstein as well.

Virginia Attorney General files opposition brief attacking Brian’s two appeals of first two denied motions requesting New Trial by Jury or Judgment of Acquittal

The Office of the Attorney General of Virginia has filed a “defective” brief, as Brian’s labels the Appellee’s brief in opposition to Brian D. Hill’s two pending appeals. Brian D. Hill is formerly USWGO Alternative News. The two pending appeals concern two court orders denying Brian’s motion for either a judgment of acquittal or motion for a new trial by jury. This is within the Court of Appeals of Virginia, a state court. The Attorney General’s opposition brief argued that if Brian proves destruction of Brady material evidence by the Commonwealth Attorney or Martinsville Police Department, then it would be considered intrinsic fraud which could “obscure” the alleged “facts” of guilt presented to a jury. When a party does not comply with multiple court orders, it is usually a contempt of court. When a party fails or refuses to comply with court orders for discovery material, the judge can decide to allow the adverse party in a case to push for an “adverse inference” allowing a jury to be instructed on the fact of destruction of evidence by the government prosecutor favorable to the other party in a criminal case or civil case. Usually destruction of evidence is a sign that the case prosecuted may have been a weak or unfounded case.

OPINION: Possibly the “POLITICAL HACKERS SQUAD” framed Alex Jones with child porn to destroy and deny anti-SLAPP motion in Sandy Hook lawsuit, evidence they framed Brian D. Hill into wrongful criminal conviction, same group of proclaimed perpetrators

NOTE: If we can prove the POLITICAL HACKERS SQUAD framed both Alex Jones and Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News with child porn, we want the 1 Millions Dollars. Brian D. Hill wants that reward for the misery and… Continue Reading →

Truth Social posts: Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News being held hostage by PEDOPHILE RINGS of the Deep State Swamp, BEING HELD HOSTAGE #Q #QANON #QANONS #ANONS #TRUTH #WWG1WGA TO: @prayingmedic @techno_fog @elenochle

Author: Stanley Bolten Related articles: QAnon supporter Praying Medic @PrayingMedic was right: Justice John Roberts deserves Presumption of Innocence but so does ALL AMERICANS – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News – Note: People need to be… Continue Reading →

Truth Social posts: The Deep State Feds are holding Brian D. Hill hostage!!!! Brian Hill of USWGO Alternative News is innocent, he is being held hostage because he has proof/evidence that he is innocent of all charges he ever got!!!!

Stanley Bolten posts on Truth Social postings about Brian being factually innocent of both his state and federal convictions. Brian does have evidence, has disproved the elements in both cases. Every element of a crime has to be proven before a criminal conviction can be sustained. Brian D. Hill is actually innocent. He is being held hostage. Brian needs Q’s help, Brian never raped, never molested, never murdered, never charged with assault. Brian needs the help of Q and the Anons. Please help Radio

Convicting people of crimes they are not guilty of, creates fake criminal records, fraudulent criminal records, erodes faith in Government, destroys credibility of the Courts

A society of a Judicial System (Courts) which convicts innocent people of charged crimes (accused crimes) without caring about any evidence and without caring about any facts which disproves the elements of a charged crime (criminal offense allegation) creates what is known as a fake criminal record, fraudulent criminal records. This will overtime, erode the people’s faith in a Government to tell the truth and not lie to the people. When you see people having a criminal record, you wouldn’t normally think they are not guilty, but you would think they are guilty and must have done something awful, something horrible, worthy of being punished for the charged crime, a crime somebody is accused of. What if a charged crime is later proven to be a FRAUD? What if a Court refuses to overturn a case of an innocent man convicted of a crime? What if a Court refuses to tackle the issue of fraud by a prosecutor?

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