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Stanley Bolten’s response to Terrence K. Williams on his response to the new Joe Biden’s MINISTRY OF LIES/Ministry of Truth (acting out George Orwell’s 1984) of Dept. of Homeland InSecurity

Terrence K. Williams talks about how to protect your privacy when the Government goes on in our business. I am sorry Terrence K. Williams for disagreeing with you but I have a very urgent issue which must be brought up with you Terrence K. Williams. I have a response to you urging the American patriots to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) encryption services to hide our activities from the Government. My response is, the VPNs can be hijacked at any time and put under Federal Court orders to compel logging it’s customers/users. Terrence K. Williams isn’t a computer forensic expert. I am fully aware that any VPN service can log a user or log all of its users internet activities and browsing activities when ordered to do so by the Court or by the FISA Court or by a National Security Letter (NSL). I left two comments and it is very easy for Terrence Williams to see and read. Here is what I said to him. Read the second comment for the VPN logging issues. That is why I personally am begging people to use the TOR network in combination with VPN. My enemies use TOR, my ENEMIES use TOR when they make comments lying to me. At least we need to keep safe.

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