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Do not cede your sovereignty to WHO and WEF, file your Declaration today! U.S. Constitution compels you to do so!

Former news reporter Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News is not letting the corrupt Federal courts stop him from declaring that he will not give his countries sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN), and World Economic Forum (WEF). The United States of America and every American citizen has a duty and obligation under the Constitution not to cede the authority of the U.S. Constitution to a foreign entity. It is unconstitutional even if the Senate ratifies a damn treaty ceding sovereignty away. That treaty would be HIGH TREASON and any member of Congress engaging in HIGH TREASON should be treated as such, a traitor. The U.S. Military can intervene if the Senate or U.S. Congress is committing HIGH Treason, then impeachment is no longer possible with such blatant corruption and proven election fraud. We can stop this right now before such treason may be committed by the Senate. Start faxing, emailing, and mailing signed and filled out forms to every U.S. Congressperson, to every Federal Judge, to every Justice, to every lawyer. Declare your opposition to the World Economic Forum controlling your lifestyles.

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