Stanley Bolten,

Brian had appeared as a guest by calling into the talk radio show at Freedomizer Radio to reveal that the Greensboro, NC FBI office was interested in Brian’s evidence of perjury that was used by the Asst. U.S. Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, and that the boss of the duty agent at the FBI has instructed the duty agent to throw the case investigation out, said that it was “merit-less”.

The FBI of Greensboro, North Carolina, has officially covered up and protected the crimes of the U.S. Attorney Office and U.S. Probation Office, in both of their bids to prevent a man from proving his actual innocence as uttered in the past threatening email messages from They have essentially protected the interests of criminals, bullies, and liars.

By merit-less, the definition means that the evidence was considered worthless but it wasn’t considered worthless by the duty agent Jerry. FBI refers to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the particular office at issue is the one located in Greensboro, North Carolina which is a small resident office of the FBI and not the statewide field offices. The complainant against U.S. Probation Officer Kristy L. Burton was none other than, you guess it, Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News.

From what I was able to determine from listening to the show “Clarity After Dark (3hrs), w/host Scarlet Anonymous & Co-Host Red Gypsy – 05/25-26/2018“, Brian had attempted to send documentation evidence material to the FBI duty agent by certified mail, the duty agent had arranged for Brian D. Hill to go down to the FBI office to give them a statement, Brian had recorded the phone calls under the one-party consent statutes that cover both the Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of North Carolina. That statute makes it legal to record a telephone conversation as long as one party consents to such recording. Brian stated that he has documentary proof that he had sent to the U.S. Congress in an joint letter addressed to them which includes U.S. Congressman Mark Walker in the 6th Congressional district in the United States House of Representatives (the legislative branch). He revealed that several recordings were contaminated by a “white noise” which made the recordings totally worthless as evidence. However he revealed Friday night from May 25th to May 26th, that he has enough phone call recordings of him leaving voicemails with Jerry at the FBI and their voicemails left back with Brian to make a case for high treason and dereliction of duty since all FBI agents swore an oath to faithfully execute the duties of the office of which they are about to enter, that they will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and that they swear allegiance to the same.

There does not appear to be any federal laws that make it a crime to violate the “Oath of office” regarding every person that works for an agency or office of the federal government of the United States. However Brian has inferred or at least somehow hinted around that it is on record that they allowed crimes to get away and protected such crimes that were committed by the false statements of U.S. probation Officer Kristy L. Burton, and that such perjury prevented Brian from timely filing his 2255 Motion which is a federal court motion to “vacate, set aside, or correct a sentence by a person under federal custody”. It may be considered either high treason or an impeachable offense which Congress can vote for an article of impeachment against a high ranking FBI agent or officer if such officer or agent is engaged in protecting, taking a blind eye to, refusing to investigate or aid in prosecuting, any person that has committed a federal crime inside the United States of America. Brian has asserted that his proof shows that the FBI boss in Greensboro, NC, has allowed the “fraud on the court” by the U.S. Attorney Office by what they allowed their star-witness to do on June 30, 2015. The FBI didn’t just protect a perjurer but somebody who likely committed felony obstruction of justice, subornation of perjury, or both. As well as deprivation of Brian’s constitutional rights, privileges, and civil rights under the color of law. That law can also include “writ of habeas corpus” even though it is considered more of a privilege than a right by case law. They are blocking a man from proving his innocence and have done so with criminal intent and impunity.

I will no longer rest until Brian’s mother emails me the documents and then I will do a big expose’ as quick as possible exposing the corrupt FBI of Greensboro as the enablers of criminal behavior by federal government employees. They are the protectionists of a “criminal enterprise” and proves that what Christopher Julian was right that the US Federal Judiciary has allowed and enabled a criminal enterprise by the Government. Read his blog entry titled the “Injustice of the US Federal Judiciary – Criminal Enterprise.”

In case Twitter ever decides to censor Julian’s tweets, I have it quoted on this article.

Blue Ridge Springs
‏ @blueridgespring
23 Oct 2017

Government is a corrupted criminal enterprise operating in its own interest not those of We The People they R in Fact operating against US.

We are seeing that Federal Courts seem to protect criminal behavior by the United States government, and now the Federal Bureau of Investigation is just as corrupt as the Courts. They ignore evidence, impose their delusional views that any piece of evidence is “merit-less”  in order to protect corrupt employees of federal judicial agencies or executive government agencies or any federal government agency for that matter.

U.S. Attorney Office can now get away with fraud on the court, and the United States Probation Office can commit perjury against a Probationer to prevent him/her from proving actual innocence and get away with it and then sanction the habeas petitioner.

Brian said that he got it to his U.S. representatives. I am figuring out that it is likely U.S. Congressman Morgan Griffith (9th District) of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and if any Senators are included then this may also include U.S. Senator Tim Kaine and/or U.S. Senator Mark Warner.

Because Brian has already brought this information public including his admission of having at least some evidence including phone call recordings, I think it is in his best interest for his mother or another family member to release all documentation, audio recordings, and other evidence to me immediately, then it needs to be published and circulated to the members of the press immediately. Otherwise he could end up murdered, raided, or threatened, set up again, blackmailed on something as stupid as some ignorant process crime such as (like a typo or mistake made on a federal probation form or any forms he filled out with any government office) or they may just pay off some child and claim that Brian molested a child just to get him off of the streets before he takes down a corrupt FBI boss that is protecting criminal behavior inside the Federal agencies.

For his safety, I am glad that he spoke on the record for the Freedomizer radio radio network. However he hasn’t published the evidence and letters, and they could come after him at any time now. So for his safety I recommend to him or his family that the evidence of such FBI corruption be released NOW or sooner, rather than later.

Brian is a whistleblower that had mailed WIkileaks, and is a victim of federal crimes. Should he really be a false registered sex offender or does he need to be paid restitution, be given full psychological treatment and support for the abuses that the Government has waged against him, and that the Government should pay restitution for any physical health damages including any depression and suicidal thoughts caused by such criminal behavior. Brian is a victim of crime, he is a virgin, he has not molested anybody, and yet the Government continues to harass, threaten, resist, and obstruct justice and permit perjury from their own witness to protect their track-record of a highly successful criminal conviction rate.

Ramaswamy and USPO Burton are criminals and should be sanctioned by the court, then Brian should be paid restitution and should be reimbursed for all computer equipment that cannot be returned back to Brian, that his lawful computer data files should also be returned back to Brian at Government expense, then any medical expenses acquired by the damages and criminal behavior caused by the Government need to be reimbursed. Brian is a victim of crime and should be protected under the Crime Victims Rights Act of 2004 (18 U.S.C. § 3771). Brian has proven the false statements and I hope the documentation can be emailed to me by his family so that I can give a full and quick breakdown of the information, and scare the Government criminals into reversing their legal terrorism against Brian by exposing what they are doing, and get people to stand up in unison as activists against this.

Be prepared as documents are likely coming soon. If he is targeted by the Federal court after this, then it is clear that Brian has pissed off the pedophile rings and they want him imprisoned or deader than a hammer. People need to stand up for Brian NOW before he may be killed or suicided or imprisoned in some top maximum security prison to shut him up forever or for a very long time.

U.S. President Donald John Trump is right, we need to #DrainTheSwamp NOW. We need to drain the damn swamp before it corrupts more lives and takes more lives away from us. Brian admitted to have mailed Wikileaks and other members of the press, and I didn’t just receive this from Red Gypsy of Freedomizer Radio. Brian is now technically a victim of crime and a whistleblower like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. He has reported government corruption to the free press with valuable evidence.

How many people have to die and be ruined by a deep state corrupt swamp piece of garbage?

“The slippery slope ensues with perjury becoming acceptable and oaths sworn upon by judges and lawyers falling to the wayside — clearing the path for varying degrees of misconduct.”

A Broken System Oaths Betrayed