by: Laurie Azgard

The counselor to the White House, Kellyanne Conway has confirmed read receipt of a second email that was sent to her thanking her for reviewing over the last message in regards to wrongful conviction of Trump supporter Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news].

It appears that the White House is interested in Brian’s criminal case in the middle district of North Carolina. The wrongful conviction of Brian D. Hill is being looked into, hopefully. It was reported by WRC and Activistpost that Brian was a victim of a file planting operation.

Kellyanne Conway,

Thank you for reading my message. This is very important. What had
happened to Brian D. Hill shouldn't be happening to any American citizen under scrutiny by our federal courts. They are stalling Brian's 2255 writ of habeas corpus petition because he was forced to file it pro se and cannot afford to pay $100,000 just to already argue that Brian has proven his actual innocence. Brian has beaten the arguments and proved to the US
attorney that he gave a false confession caused by his autism but the
court is ignoring it, all of his valid evidence is being ignored because
it was done pro se instead of through a $100,000 lawyer that he cannot
afford. That the corrupt assistant US attorney Ramaswamy committed a fraud
upon the court and violated rule 3.8 by destroying discovery evidence
material favorable to his innocence for his charge back in 2013 during the
Obama administration. Nobody in the DOJ is prosecuting Ramaswamy for
violating NC state bar rule 3.8 and violating federal laws including
subornation of perjury, that he is destroying government evidence that is
favorable to the defense/petitioner. He is making a mockery of justice in
our federal courts. Brian is being treated 20 times worse than Jeffrey
Epstein [Jeff] and he is a monster who the sex offender registry couldn't
even prevent Jeff from trafficking children and impregnating little girls
with semen according to RT news.

I have several articles I think you should look at. He tried to get the
FBI involved but they betrayed him in Greensboro, and treated a KKK member
better who committed crimes while on probation. The US marshals told Brian
that the court is corrupt in Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Judge Thomas
Schroeder may also be a corrupt federal judge and wants to premeditate
their planned imprisonment of Brian for 10 months in a federal prison for
being a victim of carbon monoxide gas poisoning. They keep trying to
imprison Brian over and over again over his autism, trying to criminalize
his autistic behaviors, and going to war with Brian over him simply trying
to prove the government prosecutor wrong of their original allegations.

This man is innocent Kellyanne Conway, there are things the executive
branch can do for Brian, an honorable natural-born US citizen. His grandpa
an air force military veteran. He can be given a "pardon of actual
innocence" where the President can declare his innocence in accordance
with U.S. Supreme court case law Ex parte Garland, 71 U.S. (4 Wall.) 333
(1866). When the pardon is full, according to case law, the defendant is
treated as if the crime had never occurred and becomes a new man not
subject to stigmatization, and that is true under the fraud upon the court
by the prosecution. The President can also organize trustworthy people in
the DOJ including Attorney general William Barr to have constitutional
military tribunals or sealed indictments against those in the corrupt
federal court and federal prosecution in Greensboro and Winston-Salem,
North Carolina. The corruption is going way too far. They are trying to
imprison Brian over a state charge that he is legally innocent of because
he was a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning. Brian filed the evidence of
the carbon monoxide pro se until his attorney instructed him not to file
any more pro se. The Judge plans to imprison him for 10 months despite
being legally innocent of his state charge. They are continuing to ignore
his evidence and want him imprisoned over and over again. This needs to
stop. These crooked judges need to be arrested, or Brian needs to be
pardoned, or something.

The federal judicial corruption is making Brian's life a living hell until
he commits suicide like Aaron Swartz who downloaded way too many documents
from a public website or Matt Dehart of Wikileaks. Brian is just a former
alternative news blogger who was once directly connected to Alex Jones of
infowars and other alternative media outlets that voiced his opinions and
is pro Trump. He was against NAFTA, against illegal immigration, and was
against globalism. He was sued by Righthaven LLC in federal court and had
won his case.

As a lawyer, you should be disgusted at the treatment of criminal
defendant Brian David Hill of USWGO alternative news compared to Jeffrey
Epstein a serial child rapist who thinks nothing wrong with having sex
with children and engaging in child prostitution and wasn't even put on
probation (Brian got 10 years probation, isn't allowed to voice his
political opinions on the internet). Jeffrey Epstein faced better
punishment than Brian who did nothing to nobody, never sexually assaulted
anybody and he was treated worse than Jeffrey Epstein by the Feds. Brian's
constitutional rights were violated right and left, the US marshals
admitted to him that the federal court is corrupt down in North Carolina,
but nobody seems to care and let him suffer forever and ever. That isn't
right. Brian needs justice from President Trump, and he needs it NOW.

God bless you,
Laurie Azgard

On Fri, August 2, 2019 20:24, Conway, Kellyanne E. EOP/WHO wrote:
> Your message
> To: Conway, Kellyanne E. EOP/WHO
> Subject: [EXTERNAL] Please help him
> Sent: Friday, August 2, 2019 4:10:50 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US &
> Canada)
> was read on Friday, August 2, 2019 4:24:33 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time
> (US & Canada).

The White House has the power and authority to grant Brian a presidential pardon for his actual innocence, “and when the pardon is full, it releases the punishment and blots out of existence the guilt, so that, in the eye of the law, the offender is as innocent as if he had never committed the offence.” [Justia law] If a man [or woman] is actually innocent, the president has the power to blot out his [or her] wrongful conviction and then all restrictions on his freedom and liberty are removed.

If Kellyanne Conway is interested in Brian’s case, enough to return a second read receipt, then the White House may actually consider justice for Brian David Hill. The purpose of this blog will then be complete and will no longer need updating. Once Brian’s conviction in federal court is overturned, we shall retire and go back to focusing on other projects.

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