by Laurie Azgard

We have held our tongues, we have kept our mouths shut but no longer.

We are issuing this PUBLIC WARNING to Infowars, Free Speech Systems LLC.

If Alex Jones of Infowars and any or all of it’s associates continue it’s defamation/slander campaign against Millicent Weaver [Millie Weaver], we will expose each and every step of this counter-intelligence program operation [COINTELPRO]. We will document each and every step to prove that Alex Jones is a liar and a yellow journalist, and will prove such against each and every staff member of Infowars.

Also Infowars knew that political activists were being set up with child pornography files which is a dirty criminal tactic. See links below:

Alt Media set up with child porn by unknown assailant? – Infowars
Attempted Setup of Luke Rudkowski – Infowars

They knew yet they turned their backs entirely on Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news, Darrin McBreen blocked Brian from calling his cell phone number, Rob Dew acted like he was investigating the information emailed to him and then he did nothing about it, nobody investigated anything.

Infowars did the same thing to Millie Weaver, by first firing her, and then engaging in the very censorship that he decries with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Then Kaitlin Bennett is allowed to attack Tore and Millie Weaver.

We are seeing a pattern here. After Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes left Infowars, then they were almost set up with child porn and then they were also drugged as well.

Why are so many people involved with Infowars being targeted here and yet Alex Jones is never arrested except for allegedly drinking. Other than that, he has never been raided by a FBI swat team. Yet even Roger Stone was SWAT teamed by the FBI.

Why is Alex Jones never raided by a SWAT team when many other activists are harassed, arrested, sued, hacker attacked, or targeted by any other means?

Alex Jones has deceived Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news and because of that, Brian is a registered sex offender, we admit it that he is falsely on there because the evidence shows that he never should have been convicted of his federal charge, we aren’t hiding the obvious. We don’t hide the truth like Alex Jones and Darrin McBreen does.

So this is a WARNING to Infowars, they continue with their defamation campaign against Millie Weaver and continue treating Brian D. Hill as a pedophile when he isn’t and is a virgin, we will expose Infowars and all of their crew. I will prove each and every lie that they have ever told. I will prove so many lies by Alex Jones, nobody will ever respect him again as the yellow journalist that he is. He will be scrutinized for every claim he had ever made on, the Alex Jones show, and anywhere else he made any lying or slanderous comments.

Infowars could have stopped the wrongful conviction of Brian David Hill, they could have gave a segment to Brian or even look at his criminal case discovery evidence material and leak it out to Wikileaks. They could have done a lot of different things to prove the assistant U.S. attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy is a corrupt prosecutor and violated multiple bar ethics rules. Infowars set Brian up to be political character assassinated, just like with Millie Weaver. We are seeing a pattern here, and we will not ignore it. We will expose INFOWARS, this is a WARNING, we will expose them for the liars that they are if they continue on defaming patriots and ignoring their fallen patriots.

Infowars helped walk Brian into a child porn set up operation trap, and we will never forgive them for it, They made him a target and then after he was targeted Infowars distanced themselves from USWGO alternative news just like with Millennial Weaver.