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October 3, 2020

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I am Brian’s grandmother, and I want to thank all of Brian’s friends who have stuck by him since 2013 (7 years now) and the new friends and supporters he has made.  Thanks also to his friends & supporters who have started this web page.  I don’t want to write a book here and will try to simply state that my grandson is innocent of the crimes that some in the state of NC working through the federal government have accused him of doing.  Anyone can plant porn on anyone’s computer.  First lesson for all of us to learn is to protect ourselves and our computers from the evil all around us now (as the Bible has warned us would happen in the last days).  This is exactly what happened to my grandson.  All of us were caught unaware.  We were taught that all police were good and were here to help us (My personal belief is that most are, but there is always a few rotten apples in every bushel).  I also believed in our court system, in justice and if an attorney is appointed, they will do the best they can do for their client.  My personal belief after the nightmare our family has been through which for us started in 2012 (8 years ago) is that there are still a few good judges (We have met at least one) and a few good attorneys who will work for their clients (We have seen personally at least 4 lazy attorneys & at least 2 good attorneys (maybe 3) who have really put forth work & effort to help my grandson.  Mostly every day for 8 years this is all my grandson talks about to us and his friends on the phone.

After we realized Brian’s attorney was not going to waste his time in 2014 to prove Brian was innocent, and after he refused to acknowledge all of the proof we emailed and faxed to him and ignored Brian’s Internet friends who were aware of Brian’s USWGO page and knew other alternative news people had child porn attempts made on them to keep them from bringing out the corruption and to actually take away their constitutional (and Godly) rights of freedom of speech  (swamp that President Trump has been appointed to clean up).   We tried to hire an attorney instead of having a court appointed attorney.  This we discovered could cost up to $300,000 or more with no guarantees, and we did not have this money.  How many people would have extra money like that just for attorney fees?  Brian’s attorney would not let us see the discovery while they were keeping him in jail for months giving him half of the insulin prescribed by his medical doctors since he was 18 months old, and no insulin at all on court days until after court and refused to answer our questions even through Brian told his attorney he wanted his family to have access to these records.  We found out later, Brian didn’t even see these.   He was shown a few pages but not all.  He didn’t see any of the discovery pages from the NC state discovery.

We started sending Brian proof documents we had by mail for him to submit to the court in 2014 which he did.  You can see these in his public court records.  The main proof we found about Brian’s innocence actually happened after Brian was released from jail (prison) in 2015 after 11 months of serving time for a crime he did not do (some type of virus placed in his computers spreading to hard drives he had attached to his main laptop computer put there on purpose by someone (or many) whom Brian was writing articles about on his USWGO webpage & in his videos.  He is still actually a victim of the federal court system in 2020 in NC and is innocent. We (Brian, his mom, grandpa and I) discovered that there was child porn being downloaded to his computer for 11 months after the police raid on his house in August 2012 when the police took his computer.  Plus there were conflicts between the NC town police report and the NC SBI report which further proved Brian was innocent.  You can see this proof in his federal court record plus pages of proof in public court records.  Brian with autism does better writing things than he does speaking.  Brian’s innocence is in his court pages by his mom, grandpa and me, all proof being ignored by the prosecution, judges and his court appointed attorneys who wanted Brian to say he is guilty (when he is innocent and not given his constitutional rights or attorneys who actually were working for him  My husband and I were visiting them during this police raid and witnessed all of it.  This was a year after Brian’s battle with Righthaven in which Brian went to the newspapers about it and the fact that he has autism and brittle diabetes and had been living off of SSI disability before he was 2 years old in which Righthaven (lawyers who had worked in the same law firm where the Obamas worked) wanted him to send them some of his SSI money due to his using a photo on his website.  They wanted $5,000 or would take it to federal court in Colorado which they did for $120,000.  This case had a good federal judge in Colorado (2 good judges I have seen personally who obey the laws not corrupt). 

For proof of what I have written here type in google search: Brian Hill – Righthaven – Reporters without borders.

There are many, many more articles about this case.

Type in google search:  Brian Hill, USWGO, NY Times

https://wwfor an hour

Then there is the article Brian’s mom wrote warning others about people with autism giving false guilty plea.  Telling them to always obtain a lawyer before police questions.

False Confessions of People with Autism

This happened in August, 2012 a day after the police raid when we were all in shock, and the police asked Brian’s mom to come down to the police station  the next morning  to pick up the inventory list (pages long) of items the police took from Brian’s home.  His mom was questioned alone for an hour, then Brian was questioned alone for an hour at lunch time (brittle diabetic with insulin, no food) and with autism by 2 local police who confused him starting out by saying they were fans of his who read his USWGO articles and watched his videos.  Here’s one of his videos.  I too saw this 27 second video in July, 2012 and saw the same police chief in this video at Brian’s front door along with many local police the day of the police raid (Aug. 2012).  This is the chief of police in this video who was in charge of the police raid a month later.  Brian also wrote an article about this on his USWGO website in July, 2012.

Speaking of which, here are some more USWGO videos from 9 years ago (2011) and right before the police raid (2012) when they got all of Brian’s USWGO articles, interviews, movies, music, family photos and the many nature photos Brian took as a hobby.  Brian has never been interested in children only political news and nature photos (mountains, beaches, flowers, butterflies, animals, etc.).  He & his mom had been dealing with diabetes, seizures, insulin reactions, OCD, autism and other health issues for 20 years at this time. They also took his mom’s computer with poems, books written, her family photos, etc.

Brian’s documentary 1/1/2012:  America: From the Road of Freedom to the Streets of Fascism HQ Full Length

WRC EXCLUSIVE: Alternative Media Writer Brian D. Hill Setup On Child Pornography Possession:

Most important is the proof of Brian’s innocence by others who were aware of these set up attempts on others and wanted the court to be aware and to be aware that Brian had brittle diabetes and autism.  Brian and his family gave more proof in court which is supposed to be Brian’s constitutional rights as a US Citizen of this country who was born in the USA.  All of this has been ignored by the judges in this case, by his court appointed attorney and the prosecuting attorney.  You can read the proof, all of the proof that Brian is innocent is in these federal court records, especially his 2255 which he and his family (mom & 2 grandparents) wrote in Nov. 2017.  We could not afford the over $100,000 for a federal attorney so we did this ourselves and put a lot of proof of his innocence 3 years ago.  We even submitted the email & text threats he & others received to this court, the justice system and to the FBI 4 & 5 years ago (more than one time by mail, return receipt requested and received). 

The proof of Brian’s innocence has been on court records in 2014, 2015, 2017 and actually in the discovery that was used against Brian in 2013 & 2014.  These people will be held accountable in the long run to God for the suffering they have caused to Brian and his family and many others who are innocent in a corrupt court system.  All of us are on this earth for a short time, then we answer to God for good & bad deeds we have done while on earth.  Their day of justice before our Creator and true judge is coming very soon.

Documents #125 – 135   Filed on Nov 14, 2017 and many others from 2014-2020.

This morning I saw this video and have been more aware since President Trump became president in 2016 how deep the swamp (demons) is.  Of course, they will fight him all the way.  General Michael Flynn (an American hero) has experienced what our grandson has, and I wanted all of you to be aware that even though you put proof on court records, many judges & prosecuting attorneys ignore your proof, this video proves that, and what they have done to General Flynn, my grandson and so many other innocent victims for years is horrible and inexcusable!  Michael Flynn’s attorney weighs in on her fiery exchange with Judge Sullivan:

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

From Brian’s  Grandma Stella