by Laurie Azgard

The DisHonorable Judge Thomas David Schroeder had finally been placed into checkmate in the judicial corrupt game of Chess that was rigged as to the federal criminal case of Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. The chief judge of the “Middle District of North Carolina” had ordered the adoption of the U.S. Probation Office’s request to change venue [Probation 49 form waiver] of jurisdiction to the Western District of Virginia. No more judge Schroeder involvement in Brian’s federal probation as Brian is still actively seeking to overturn his conviction on the grounds of his actual innocence and frauds upon the court.

For those who do not understand legalese, it means that the Chief Judge Thomas David Schroeder will not be the deciding judge anymore over any future allegations of a violation of supervised release or of any change of conditions or modifications to Brian’s supervised release. The symbolic chains on Brian’s body are loosening a bit after all of these years of strict control. This judge had already been caught filing false opinions/slander/libel/defamation and basing his judgments and orders upon fiat. That was why Brian D. Hill had filed multiple motions requesting sanctions against the government, uncontested and undisputed by the assistant U.S. attorney in regards to those motions for sanctions, asking the chief judge to vacate the fraudulent begotten judgments. The U.S. court of appeals of the fourth circuit defends this corrupt judge. The judge had never acted upon those four pending uncontested motions despite the local rules making it law for the judge to have to grant those pending motions. In other words, Brian never should have been violated of his probation sentence, Brian is not guilty of a single probation violation that this crooked Judge claimed that he found Brian violated of. This same judge also knew that this AUSA Ramaswamy had lied throughout Brian’s case, destroyed evidence, and had gotten away with using those frauds to create a worsening of Brian’s criminal record history knowing that this will be used against him in every possible way to establish a claim that Brian is a danger to society simply to retaliate against him for bucking his wrongful conviction and telling his treatment provider at Radford Counseling that he was wrongfully convicted by ineffective counsel which is a common problem in our judicial system according to the Innocence Project. Two years after he told the sex offender treatment provider that he was wrongfully convicted and that his lawyer wouldn’t do anything to prove his innocence, he had finally filed the 2255 motion affidavit and brief under oath or affirmation establishing his actual innocence, that he was entirely deprived of due process of law, and that counsel was entirely ineffective to the extent where they let the Government’s own evidence be twisted to make it appear that Brian was guilty when limited examination of the evidence proved that Brian had given a false confession due to his “Autism Spectrum Disorder,” and Type 1 diabetes. It claimed that supposed “child pornography” was downloading for 11 months after Brian’s computer was seized by the Town of Mayodan when it’s own town attorney was his old political enemy Philip Edward Berger Senior.

Phil Berger’s son the former District Attorney of Rockingham, County was reportedly involved in the child porn investigation in 2012 from the search warrant and the information found in the SBI forensic report [his name being found in the report from his family’s testimony] which establishes a clear conflict of interest, political bias and political motivation. This blog ain’t suggesting that Phil Berger could or could not be involved with the Jeffrey Epstein stuff or even the pedophile rings, but you gotta wonder how Brian D. Hill got set up in the first place. There needs to be investigations into whether Phil Berger is under some form of blackmail, as blackmail is the modern political currency of tyranny and corrupt politics of the deep state swamp and the shadow government.

The U.S. probation office was right, Brian had not had any ties to North Carolina, since he had legally fled to Virginia in late 2012 after Phil Berger and his people politically targeted Brian D. Hill, presumably Brian had moved to get away from Phil Berger and anybody he may be associated with or connected to. Phil Berger, a corrupt republican that is part of a family full of lawyers and/or politicians, is likely part of the same regional or state or local republican party as the corrupt chief judge Thomas David Schroeder. It would make sense that this corrupt federal judge is out to get Brian because Brian was already targeted for the things he said about Phil Berger publicly on back in 2012. Heck he is the chief judge in Winston-Salem, North Carolina federal courthouse over the district of even Rockingham county, and Phil Berger had ties to the location of Winston-Salem, NC. That is via the Wake Forest Law School and so that would have meant that he would have plenty of time to make friends with other lawyers and any future judges in North Carolina.

So it is important to take note that the U.S. probation office had put this corrupt chief judge into checkmate. He would have looked funny denying the petition or if he had ignored the petition like he did with the four uncontested motions for sanctions in regards to fraud upon the court. They likely would have taken Brian more seriously and investigated possibly Phil Berger ties to this federal judge, if there are any at all that can be documented and proven. That would have also been used for Brian’s conviction to be overturned if any of that is ever proven. Even if the crooked federal judge could be yet another blackmail victim of the deep state swamp and is acting as only a puppet, the probation petition cannot simply be ignored as it may open skeletons in his closet that can never be stopped from going public. So he had to grant that petition to change venue or he would look suspicious.

So what does this mean for Brian D. Hill at this point?

  • That Brian’s fate of his supervised release is no longer in the hands of the DisHonorable judge Thomas David Schroeder.
  • That Brian’s fate is no longer tied to those who may or may not be connected to his past political enemy Phil Berger Senior or any of his political family and their connections to other people.
  • That liar U.S. probation officer thug Edward R. Cameron of the U.S. probation office of Greensboro, NC who also lied under oath will no longer hold the supervisory position over Brian’s federal probation.
  • That it will be more difficult for Brian’s enemies to engage in fraud upon the court upon more further fraud as any future prosecutions involving any allegation of a violation or petition regarding Brian’s supervised release will be prosecuted or defended by the U.S. attorney office for the “Western District of Virginia” instead of the “Middle District of North Carolina“.

This is great news for Brian. The probation office did a great deed and made Brian’s life a bit easier. The fraud still has to be overturned, and that will take time to investigate after draining the swamp of the deep state shadow government.

Brian is on his way to eventually becoming a free man and being found actually innocent of his charge of possession of child pornography. He has clear and convincing evidence that he was set up like with Luke Rudkowski, Alex Jones, Millie Weaver, and Stewart Rhodes. Heck it was documented by We Are Change and Activistpost.

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Brian was in the right for being an “Ally of QAnon”. Placing QAnon symbol in even his petition before the U.S. Supreme Court. Brian is starting to be relieved of the hell that he had been put through by North Carolina since 2012 thanks to the awesome work of those who work for QAnon. Patriots inside of the state, local, and federal governments who are working actively to undo the shadow government deep state and it’s pedophile rings, human trafficking including child trafficking, and drug cartels. Brian bet on the right horse when he bet his life on QAnon. Brian begged QAnon for help and they audited and investigated, and Brian’s entire life was saved by QAnon. They did more for him than Alex Jones of Infowhores ever did.