Note: Please share this article with everyone you know with email, old fashioned communications. We lost Twitter, Free Republic, Parler, and Ron Paul Forums. We may lose more outlets to get the American people to even find this article let alone read it. We are risking being thrown into the Dark Ages. Please subscribe here and do not let us go out like a candle at night. Please bookmark our website Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. Brian is basically saying on Court record that the Courts aren’t acting legitimately anymore and are broken. It was so emotional that Chief Judge Urbanski doesn’t even know how to respond yet to his claims that all Courts are broken and can never bring him any justice, that possibly all courts or many courts are under Deep State blackmail operations.

by Laurie Azgard

Brian lashed out at Roanoke, Virginia Federal Judge Urbanski by quoting or paraphrasing Attorney Lin Wood’s statements on Twitter [now defunct] that Judges and politicians are being blackmailed by the Deep State using pedophilia, child rape and murder. He is withdrawing his motion to vacate and nullify any fraudulent begotten judgments against him in regards to a Supervised Release Violation. Made a statement to the effect that the Courts are not credible anymore and are all compromised. Brian pretty much made damaging statements against all Federal and State Courts in his recent filing. Brian’s filing is available at Courtlistener. Brian told the Court to retain the record of his attempted motion if the U.S. Military will investigate his criminal case, likely referring to things he had successfully mailed to U.S. Secretary of Defense Chris Miller calling for the arrest of Federal Judges and State Judges including all judges of the Fourth Circuit federal appeals who have knowingly violated their oaths of office and committing high treason. Brian lastly told the Court that no Court will give him justice and that only a Presidential pardon is his “only hope”.

Here are the documents:
Brian’s notice of withdrawing motion for vacating fraudulent begotten judgment in Virginia(1).pdf or archived on Wayback machine – Text searchable
gov.uscourts.vawd.120616.7.0.pdf or archived on Wayback machine – The “NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL OF 3 MOTION to Vacate/Nullify Fraudulent Begotten Order/Judgment by Brian David Hill.(ham)”

Here is a quote from the very filed document:

Brian does not believe any justice will come out of any Court anymore. Our Courts are compromised. Attorney L. Lin Wood’s public comments that his family printed on paper and shown him of what he said on Twitter made it clear in his public statements of his claimed encrypted evidence that he has secured that Federal and State Judges and politicians can be blackmailed by the Deep State incl. NSA/CIA and then they are compromised indefinitely until the blackmail is no longer useful, the source of this information comes directly from Attorney L. Lin Wood of Georgia. Fraud is being accepted by our Courts and all Courts condone and accept fraud, lies, and false evidence while ignoring real evidence and ignoring the U.S. Supreme Court.” “The reality is that fraud is acceptable in all Federal Courts now, fraud is encouraged and endorsed. HOW SAD!!!!!! Fraud is okay, Fraud is loving, Election Fraud is loving and acceptable in the new Amerika. Amerika is the new Soviet Union now. This is my freedom of speech to say this. The Courts are broken and are unfixable. The Courts are broken, fraud is acceptable. This has become our new normal. Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News. Brian needs a full unconditional pardon for all Supervised Release Violations as well as full unconditional pardon for his criminal conviction as the Courts will never bring any justice to Brian D.Hill. A Pardon is Brian’s only hope. Where We Go One, We Go All. Storm is Upon Us!!!!Dark to Light!!!”

Brian’s statements to the U.S. District Court, Roanoke, Virginia – filed January 11, 2021
Brian d david hill uswgo justice notice withdrawing motion statement courts corrupt broken us district court judge francis urbanski
Brian d david hill uswgo justice notice withdrawing motion statement courts corrupt broken us district court judge francis urbanski 2

Attorney Lin Wood had forewarned about politicians and judges being blackmailed, on Twitter before his account was suspended.

Brian also lost in the U.S. Supreme Court again, they denied his petition for rehearing with no opinion and no ruling on the merits. For Brian to lash out at the Federal Court risking a contempt charge, Brian must be feeling like he stands no chance at all, that he stands a 0% chance at winning his state and federal criminal cases. It is unfortunate as the Courts have a standard of at least a 95% successful conviction rate in the criminal court system. Since Brian tried to fight the New World Order ’bout a decade ago, they gunned for him and ruined his life permanently. Brian stands 0% chance of winning like Roger Stone and General Flynn.

rehearing denied us supreme court brian d david hill justice uswgo alternative news scotus

See L. Lin Wood’s archived tweets for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it. Twitter removed the Tweets after suspending the entire account, so only the Wayback machine and the screenshots show what he had said now. Brian lashed out at the Court and called them all “BROKEN”. The courts are broken and cannot bring justice for Brian D. Hill. Only a Presidential Pardon can help this man now. PRAY FOR HIM!!!!!!

Tweet #1 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #2 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #3 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #4 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #5 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #6 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

This definitely backs the information in regards to John Robert’s name being on the Jeffrey Epstein flight log. Once Attorney Lin Wood decides to bring out this information carefully and legally, this can exonerate many victims of the Deep State Swamp including Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. This can bring vindication, the acquittal of this innocent man, then he can move on with his life at the age of 30 or 31 and finally have a girlfriend or wife without the horrible criminal convictions hanging over his shoulder. He’s been suffering from this set up from Mayodan, North Carolina since late 2012. That is about 8 to 9 years to suffer such a horrible defeat in him fighting against the New-World-Order.

Photograph of Brian D. Hill, Alex Jones, and Stewart Rhodes – dated June, 2012

When you go to his official attorney website, he is not even a criminal defense lawyer but is a civil ligation attorney. He is however highly credible and has received awards for his attorney work. Even the Georgia State Bar search reveals [Wayback machine archive backup] that this exact attorney has been an “Active Member in Good Standing”, and as to “Public Discipline”, there is “None on Record”. He was admitted to law practice in 06/10/1977. So for 53 years he has been a good lawyer, never disciplined in his entire 53 years of practicing law, and has always been in good standing as an attorney at law of his practice.