Author: Stanley Bolten

ALERT: General Flynn and the #DigitalSoldiers are on put on urgent notice that more attacks are being waged at us. They need to assist us if possible.

The attacks from TOR proxy IP Addresses and now more attacks on us from dedicated attack account on The attacks against Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News are ramping up. The CIA needs to stop attacking us, I am WARNING THE CIA TO STOP. If these attacks continue, then the CIA or whoever in the Deep State is doing these type of attacks is declaring and waging an ACT OF TERRORISM on us. We won’t put up with this. Brian done nothing wrong, he is a virgin and he was clearly framed/set up. These attacks need to stop. All Brian has been trying to do for years is get his life back and be acquitted. What is wrong with that? We won’t stop posting even if the CIA attacks us. This is ridiculous!!!!

Anyways, there are new attacks coming at us. This time at My uploads on the Stanley Bolten account are receiving nasty reviews, one of them with a link to a government webpage with Brian’s home address, possibly inciting vigilantes or somebody who doesn’t know Brian’s case at all to possibly attack him at his home. One even calling Brian an insurrectionist or claiming that he is inciting insurrection because he was asking former Defense Secretary Chris Miller to arrest corrupt Federal Judges for high treason under the insurrection act. These attacks started and have escalated after the inauguration of fake Pedo President Joe Biden. Well it takes a pedophile in Government to frame Brian D. Hill with child porn and Joe Biden was Vice President when Brian was framed in 2012. Gotta wonder who set Brian up?

The attack comment was from an account named “Mr Stanley Bolten” trying to impersonate me.

Somebody has created an account under my name Stanley Bolten, and started making attack comments on three of my uploads. I bet you all $1,000,000 that the person who created that account had used a TOR proxy IP Address to be untraceable just like the TORMAIL threatening emails. Like the attacks against Millie Weaver, Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Melissa Melton, and other activists. I am concerned that with Pedophile Fake President Joe Biden as President, the Feds will start planting child porn on hundreds of thousands of activists within months like with some activists already who were set up during the Obama Adminstration and the FBI refusing to go after whoever had done the crimes, that’s very telling that the Government has it’s hands in the child porn Cookie Jar. Can rogue law enforcement or politicians plant child pornography? #PizzaGate

“Mr. Stanley Bolten” is not me and further investigation shows that this commenter does not have any original upload or anything else on This account was specifically created just to attack StanleyBoilten uploads on the Internet Archive and to specifically attack Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. Sounds like somebody who holds a grudge against him or somebody afraid of what Brian has been doing more recently.

There you go, a newly created account with only three reviews and they are all attacking Brian D. Hill the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News. If Brian was even remotely guilty then why would ActivistPost and We Are Change write articles saying that he was set up??????? If Brian was guilty then why would Roger Stone feel that Brian is innocent enough to warrant even pushing to have Brian pardoned???????

The CIA doesn’t scare us. They can attack us a hundred times, a thousand times, they can just attack us for infinity and we will never disappear. We will keep going to Intelligence war with the Deep State Swamp until Brian David Hill is FOUND INNOCENT, ACQUITTED once and for all. The CIA CAN ROT IN HELL. The DOJ CAN ROT IN HELL. CORRUPT BLACKMAILED FEDERAL JUDGES CAN ROT IN HELL. They can all ROT IN HELL. This is not a threat but is simply a disrespectful remark against them all, corrupt sons of bitches. We are the real American intelligence people, we are the real grassroots, not some stupid agency with political axes to grind like against Donald Trump and his supporters. Those government agencies can go straight to hell, Frack THEM!!!! (Trying not to say the F-Word)

The CIA does not scare us, this blog will stay and will be copied to other platforms just in case.

Brian D. Hill is innocent and we all know it, he is a TARGET, and a victim.