Note: This judge has gotten very angry since the child rape and murder blackmail information was filed, then gotten even more angry after Stella and Kenneth Forinash filed an affidavit and evidence investigation files that Brian D. Hill was framed with child porn by former Reidsville Detective Robert Bridge, who admitted into hacking into Brian’s computer to plant child porn using “automated” tools (possibly win32:MoliVampire.A an admitted emule trojan horse program and other variants). This may be true. Look at the State Bureau of Investigation report from Special Agent Rodney V. White in Greensboro, NC claiming that alleged files of interest (what the Federal Prosecutor called “child porn”?) were downloading between July 20, 2012, and July 28, 2013. His computer was seized on August 28, 2012. For 11 months after his computer was seized that “files of interest” aka alleged child porn was continuing to download after it was seized by Mayodan Police. This was revealed by We Are Change. The download dates prove his computer was hacked into and it was a frame up operation. They FRAMED Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. They framed him. Enough evidence shown this is true.

Author: Stanley Bolten

The corrupt U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe L. Webster gets even more worse than before. Not only has he labeled the Brian’s Hill’s fears and suspicions mirroring Lin Wood blackmail claims as “delusional” and “frivolous” basically insulting this attorney as just an “attorney from Georgia”, he being a lazy tyrant had his law clerk deny (through two simple text orders) Brian’s uncontested motion to reconsider and asking for an extension of time for the U.S. Attorney to respond to Brian’s 2255 motion. That is Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. Judicial tyranny from this puppet minion of Dishonorable Judge Thomas David Schroeder. Thomas Schroeder appointed by George W. Bush who is a Skull and Bones ex President of the USA.

Here is a copy of the few pages of docket we have retrieved (two text orders on last page) of this cowardly lazy magistrate judge, he wouldn’t even do a regular signed order but only two text orders which can only be viewed on the docket sheet. Very sinister or lazy. What a coward!

AUSA, Anand Prakash Ramaswamy will likely lie about attorney L. Lin Wood. He will likely lie about Stella and Kenneth Forinash, as well as lying about Brian D. Hill. Media correspondents are being kept emailed and in the loop about these new developments. This magistrate is ignoring the state appeals courts process in violation of the separation of powers clause and tenth amendment of the U.S. constitution, and they been ignoring the state of Virginia while using the state against Brian. It is all one sided on purpose. It has always been one sided. These judges are acting exactly like Nazis, tyrants, part of the new gestapo which has hijacked America. They will lie about Lin Wood, this is a guarantee at this point according to Brian’s family fears, they fear Ramaswamy will lie about everyone to have Brian’s second 2255 case dismissed, just like with the first one. We all know they will lie about Lin Wood, it will be coming. They will lie about Stella and Kenneth Forinash. They will lie about attorney Susan Basko some more if they want to and have lied about her in the past (see page 3). These judges are worthless, crooked, and must be removed from office for their blatant corruption.

See article Federal Judge labels Brian’s BLACKMAIL allegations as well as Attorney L. Lin Wood statements as “DELUSIONAL”, Brian Hill fights back with credibility of Attorney Lin Wood; more evidence blackmail claims are credible – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Here are the documents about what led up to this tyrant judge denying both motions.

See Documents from article: Brian D. Hill (USWGO News) files appeal brief and Letter on U.S. Government not contesting Motion to Reconsider Federal Court’s position on Attorney Lin Wood blackmail claims – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News
MEMORANDUM and EVIDENCE by Stella and Kenneth Forinash regarding the ACTUAL INNOCENCE of Brian David Hill filed on April 20, 2022
MEMORANDUM of Stella and Kenneth Forinash Attachments(3).pdf – Memorandum of Stella and Kenneth Forinash, filed by Brian D. Hill, with evidence attachments, entered onto CM/ECF by Alexis Bowers. Also filed at courtlistener.
MEMORANDUM of Stella and Kenneth Forinash Attachments-Apr-21-2022.pdf – Memorandum attachments of Stella and Kenneth Forinash, filed by Brian D. Hill, with evidence attachments, entered onto CM/ECF by Alexis Bowers. Also filed at courtlistener.
Additional evidence MEMORANDUM in support of Stella and Kenneth Forinash-Ready to Mail(2).pdf – Additional evidence memorandum in support of Memorandum of Stella and Kenneth Forinash. Also filed at courtlistener as memorandum and additional attachment by name, an activistpost article about the child porn frame ups on Alex Jones and others.
MOTION TO EXTEND TIME filed by Brian David Hill on April 20, 2022
Motion to Extend the time or delay Government response to 2255(8).pdf – Brian’s emergency motion asking for more time for the U.S. Attorney to respond to his 2255 motion. Many good reasons were specified on there for those who wish to read it.
Request for Transcripts at my expense(3)_w_attachment.pdf – Request for transcripts at Brian’s expense. This is not being ordered right away. Filed on courtlistener.
Transcript Order Form to mail April 19, 2022-Signed(2).pdf – Transcript order form mailed to U.S. District Court for 2255 case. Filed on courtlistener.
dkt_-16505802322.pdf – Docket sheet, four pages with the text orders.
Text-Orders-apr-22-2022.pdf – The text orders from the judge, all on one page
The Government will likely lie about you in the next 10 days.pdf – Email from Roberta Hill to Lin Wood mirroring Brian’s fears that the U.S. Atty. Asst. Ramaswamy will lie about him as well as Brian and his family and any other witnesses who speak up for Brian in his case
Read The Government will likely lie about you in the next 10 days.pdf – Read receipt confirmed from Lin Wood

It is clear that the Middle District of North Carolina and a minority of it’s most corrupt Federal Judges are after Brian D. Hill and his entire family. These few judges are out to get them. They tried to arrest or forcefully abduct attorney Susan Basko who testified to the Oath Keepers about the child pornography frame up operations on patriots and liberty activists by the deep state, the deep state’s supporters and minions.

The Fourth Circuit is also just as corrupt and it’s corrupt Judicial Council is okay with pedophilia, they are fine with judges in their district possibly raping and murdering children that they refuse any investigation into it. This website has the proof where they refuse to investigate Attorney Lin Wood’s claims. Instead the Judicial Council buries such allegations in secrecy without intervention. They are as corrupt as the Catholic Church with the sex abuse cover-ups concerning the priests molesting kids and same issues with the Boy Scouts. They are really holding Brian D. Hill hostage right now, holding him hostage as long as they can until these corrupt judges are removed from office. See the video explaining about Brian being held hostage by the corrupt Thomas David Schroeder, the chief judge of the Middle District of North Carolina. All at the direction of the CIA/NSA/Chi-Coms Deep State. Also watch the new documentary: FEDERAL PORN WARS – Part 3: BLACKMAIL of Series – DOCUMENTARY at