Update: JUDGE Giles Carter Greer (Circuit Court) and Martinsville CA Glen Andrew Hall are holding Innocent man hostage, Brian D. Hill of formerly USWGO Alternative News – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Author: Stanley Bolten

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News files two major motions with hundreds of pages in each motion proving his actual innocence to his state conviction of indecent exposure by the Circuit Court for the corrupt City of Martinsville. What will the Deep State intelligence minions do now? What will Judge Giles Carter Greer do, the judge over that Circuit Court? What will corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall do now? Brian proved the lab testing was deleted by the hospital, covered up. Brian was not medically cleared by the usual medical standards. Even if The Chimney Sweep gets away with poisoning Brian Hill, Brian has the proof he was not medically cleared before being arrested.

His motions have been filed by Brian’s family and go into detail over two entirely different criminal defense matters, both boil down to one thing, Brian David Hill = Innocence, and he can prove it.

First motion, the motion for judgment of acquittal (declaring him innocent of the crime he was charged with) is over the basis of not being medically and psychologically cleared as charged. Dr. Brant Hinchman, the doctor over the Emergency Room at Sovah Health Martinsville did not complete the laboratory tests despite ordering them, saying that they were deleted from the chart (see the last page). So evidence proves that they were covered up, possibly at the direction of Martinsville Police or the Deep State intelligence black hats.

Redacted motion for judgment of acquittal (PDF Document)
Motion requesting corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall response (PDF Document)
Proof of filing by Hon. Ashby Pritchett, Clerk of Circuit Court (PDF Document)

Second motion, the motion for judgment of acquittal (declaring him innocent of the crime he was charged with) is over suspect Jacody Cassell of the business known as The Chimney Sweep who reportedly had a business who poisoned Brian D. Hill and Roberta Hill with carbon monoxide gas poisoning prior to Brian’s arrest for indecent exposure. That is according to the motion filed on September 6, 2022, by the clerk of the Circuit Court. That motion contains evidence allegedly that attorney Eric Ferguson had made false statements who was hired by Mr. Cassell of The Chimney Sweep in response to a complaint filed by Brian Hill. The complaint was filed on May 17, 2022.

Mr. Jacody Cassell had denied all claims made in the complaint, but went a step further and denied ever being hired by Roberta Hill for chimney work, denied ever conducting an estimate, and denied everything. He denied having any records, even records of being paid by Roberta Hill. Yet there is evidence filed in that motion with a photocopy of the check from TRUIST bank records including the signature of what appears to be JaCody Cassell or James Cassell or J Cassell. For those who can read in signature cursive, it is clear that Cassell’s last name is on the signed check released from TRUIST bank. The check was for “The Chimney Sweep” on OCT. 5 2017, by Roberta Hill. Signed for by Cassell and telephone records also proven that Cassell’s phone number was in contact with Roberta Hill’s phone number on specific days as the motion stated in its “statement of the facts”. Brian Hill declared JACODY CASSELL as a suspect in poisoning him and his mother with carbon monoxide poisoning and is asking for the State Police to investigate him. Brian wants him arrested and has called for his arrest. Brian filed the motion against Mr. Cassell days after the Supreme Court of Virginia threw out his petition for appeal and refusing to give Brian the actual innocence exception to “procedurally barred petitions”, again using legal technicalities to bar Brian from proving his innocence to his indecent exposure charge, his wrongful conviction. It is wrong to be blocking somebody from proving their innocence when accused of a crime. Period! Even republicans should greatly oppose any court from barring somebody from proving their innocence to a crime they either did not commit or had a good legal defense which is also actual innocence (for example, a criminal defense to a criminal charge of murder is SELF DEFENSE which is supported by the interpretation of the Second Amendment (purpose of a gun to defend property, family, defend oneself)). In Brian’s case, it is defense of involuntary intoxication caused by JaCody Cassell by and through his business The Chimney Sweep. Somebody from his business has poisoned Brian with carbon monoxide gas, and is supported by the witness letter by Pete Compton about the metal tin on top of the chimney flues of Brian’s and his mother’s homes.

Redacted motion for judgment of acquittal (PDF Document)
Motion requesting corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall response (PDF Document)
Proof of filing by Hon. Ashby Pritchett, Clerk of Circuit Court (PDF Document)

It appears from the record of the motion that Jacody Cassell of The Chimney Sweep lied to the Office of Attorney General in Commonwealth of Virginia. Here is the lies which are documented in the motion and are posted on this blog as well. We will not let liars get away with their treachery when they hurt somebody or harmed them. Time to bring such treachery to light, liars must be exposed to the light in the sea of darkness.

Here is what lies Jacody Cassell had spoken of.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. They will forever be enshrined as a business who is operated or owned by a LIAR. A cowardly liar. Don’t take my word for it, review over the evidence for yourself. Review over the motion and its supporting document citations. It will likely take months for the judge and corrupt Commonwealth attorney to go through it all. They are being placed in checkmate, like in a Chess type game of intelligence warfare.

Cassell is the coward in this entire process. His attorney ran away like the coward he was once he was confronted with the photocopy of the check. The complaint was closed again by the Attorney General of Virginia, so I had some very not-so-nice things to say to them about how they refused to go after the ones who poisoned Brian Hill and his mother with carbon monoxide gas which caused the poisoning which is not-voluntary intoxication, the indecent exposure, all of that. The Attorney General is a failure to bring justice for Brian and his family. See blog posting: Re: FW: 953850 Mr. Brian D. Hill VS The Chimney Sweep, PHOTOCOPY OF SIGNED CHECK, CASSELL SIGNED CHECK – Pleadings for Justice For Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Virginia is becoming even more corrupt than the town of Mayodan in North Carolina. They knowingly convicted an innocent man and protected the corrupt criminals. The Attorney General is just as bad as the dirty cops in the bottom totem pole. They protected Jacody Cassell and protected the corrupt city of Martinsville. They protected Glen Andrew Hall the corrupt Commonwealth attorney. They are protecting at least 3 different criminals involved in Brian Hill’s state indecent exposure criminal case. Brian is not the criminal, the Deep State intelligence agencies HIGHLY LIKELY have a hand in this. Would a small city of Martinsville orchestrate all of this against Brian along with the corrupt federal judges???? NO!!!! Martinsville is just being blackmailed or compromised into conducting a local judicial warfare against Brian Hill and his family. Martinsville is highly likely being threatened behind the scenes with blackmail or was compromised by set up as every other locality may also be blackmailed or compromised. Who is behind Martinsville’s criminal injustice system Circuit Court war on this innocent man???? THE DEEP STATE!!!! THE INTELLIGENCE BLACK HATS.

Senator Chuck Schumer said and I quote: You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

More than likely the intelligence people, the CIA, the NSA, the black hats are behind Martinsville going to war with Brian and his entire family since 2018. A city doesn’t just decide to dig in and go to war with one of its citizens without a trigger point. They don’t just go to war against an innocent man for no reason at all. People need to think and wonder who is at the center of all of this since the child porn case in 2013. If you are a CIA/NSA whistleblower and know who is going to war with Brian Hill and his family, please email us and send us a physical mailing at a organized drop off point, give us evidence of who is behind this CIA/NSA Deep State war against Brian Hill using Martinsville as an attack dog, using the Probation Office as an attack dog, using federal judges as attack dogs, and using state judges as attack dogs.