Author: Stanley Bolten

Brian D. Hill of formerly USWGO Alternative News has faxed a letter to the attorneys of Stewart Rhodes, of Oath Keepers organization. Also Brian’s family emailed that letter as well since emails retain the quality of any photographs in letters, such as the photo of Brian Hill with Alex Jones and Stewart Rhodes. He had been charged with seditious conspiracy and conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, as well as other crimes. Stewart Rhodes had been set up with seditious conspiracy when he presumed that President Trump was going to invoke The Insurrection Act during the unrest on January 6, 2011 (also known as January 6) in which a President has a right to call forth militias to quell any insurrections. Donald Trump did not invoke The Insurrection Act on January 6, and Stewart Rhodes was set up to look like a Seditionist conspirator. They failed to frame him with a federal crime in 2013.

Stewart Rhodes was almost framed with child pornography back in 2013, and a hacker group had claimed to have taken part in that frame up conspiracy calling themselves the Political Hackers Squad. That hacker group had also claimed to have worked with the Obama Administration to frame people with child porn in exchange for presidential pardons or clemency. In my view, they were probably never charged or charges were likely being dismissed, if that were ever the case.

Here are the documents uploaded by Brian’s family for me to use in publishing:
Letter to Attorneys of Stewart Rhodes – October 4, 2022(11) w_evidence.pdf – Letter to Stewart Rhodes from Brian D. Hill with evidence (attachments)
Letter to Attorneys of Stewart Rhodes – October 4, 2022(11).pdf – Letter to Stewart Rhodes from Brian D. Hill
Xfinity Connect Letter for defendant Stewart Rhodes and his defense attorneys Printout.pdf – Email to the lawyers from Brian’s family since Brian cannot use the internet to send it himself
October 4, 2022(11) w_evidence {2022-10-04}.pdf – Fax letter record
{2022-10-04}.pdf – Fax Transmission ticket of successful fax to defense Attorney James Lee Bright
{2022-10-04} (2).pdf – Fax Transmission ticket of successful fax to defense Attorney Philip A. Linder
{2022-10-04} (3).pdf – Fax Transmission ticket of successful fax to defense Attorney Edward L. Tarpley Jr.

Here is the entire letter being copies and pasted from the letter for everyone to read, this letter is being published by Brian’s family:



To Whom It concerns,
I am writing this letter to the legal representation/counsel(s) of criminal defendant Elmer Stewart Rhodes of who founded the organization. Defendant of criminal case no. 1:22-CR-00015. I am writing this letter to Stewart Rhodes’s attorney or attorneys because this letter must be written, what I am saying in this letter must be said otherwise I can’t do justice by simply not writing this letter.

It is up to the attorney(s) whether or not you want him to read this letter. All links used in this letter were provided by my mother Roberta Hill and I did not obtain these myself. However they are provided thanks to my family for reference. Lawyers are free to printout these article links and give them to Stewart Rhodes if they wish.
Now, he is facing a decision of possibly a long prison sentence or acquittal by a petit Jury. He is now faced with the very same situation I had been faced with whenever
I was framed with child pornography back in 2012, gave a false confession because I was told “FESS UP…OR ELSE YOUR MOTHER WOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE”. In a way with what was said, they threatened to arrest my mother for the crime I was innocent of, and she was innocent of, if I did not “fess up”.

See link:
I was Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. I had the opportunity and great privilege of meeting Stewart Rhodes for the first time at the Hyatt Place hotel in Chantilly, Virginia. June 2, 2012. He gave me his email I met Aaron Dykes of Infowars, received his mobile number, along with Richard Reeves who used to be a production staff member at Infowars, and even met Alex Jones himself. I am pasting the photo in this letter, if by FAX then my family provided me the link to review over the photograph in this letter.
See link:
Link to photo:

I was indicted around close to Thanksgiving in 2013. I had almost killed myself but was instead placed in a mental institution until I was taken away by Special Agent Brian Dexter of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, who never read me my Miranda Rights.
I was videotaped nude by the jail guards and told to touch my penis, and they giggled. They knew of my charge and wanted to sexually humiliate me for my charge. I was already facing stigmatization before the jury trial. The first U.S. Magistrate Judge Patrick Auld said my Miranda rights didn’t matter, I told my family I was being tortured and videos were taken of me nude, and the U.S. Marshals told me to shut up and threatened to hit me over and over again (beat me). They did that because I uttered one cuss word out at the Marshals, as if the First Amendment right to freedom of speech no longer exists. They actually beat up people for cussing them out. I started crying in the courtroom and my family told them that I had Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Anyways, I told my Public Defender Asst. Eric Placke about being set up with child porn. I did not know during that time, that the evidence used against me by the U.S. Prosecution was a load of fraud, a load of manure. My attorney made my case more unable to win as he forced me to be mentally evaluated by a woman who worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Dr. Dawn Graney, U.S. Department of InJustice. She gave me a horrible diagnosis knowing that the alleged State Bureau of Investigation forensic report never proved my guilt. She didn’t care because she gets paid every single day by the U.S. Department of inJustice, which is a conflict of interest in itself.

Eric Placke ignored all witnesses including Attorney Susan Basko (Sue Basko) and Dan Johnson. My family emailed evidence to him but then when he replied there were entries came back saying email attachments were deleted by Eric Placke. So he deleted the email attachments my family emailed him, then Placke had the gull to thank my family for sending him email attachments of evidence files but deleted them. Later admitted in Court that he did ignore evidence and witnesses favorable to me.

After Dr. Graney’s diagnosis, I kept fighting and saying I was innocent, then I was told by my attorney to take a plea agreement or I would face a jury. My family was told to tell me to take the plea agreement or I would face twenty (20) years of imprisonment
for simple possession of child pornography. The jury would not know that I ran USWGO Alternative News at before I was set up. They would not know about Win32/MoliVampire.A computer Trojan. They would not know of my Autism and would not be told of my autism. There would be nothing allowed by the judge which would be able to convince a jury that I was set up. I read things in the discovery materials which would have exonerated me and have a jury find me not guilty but I was not allowed to read all of my discovery materials prior to falsely pleading guilty. Now you know why. Mr. Stewart Rhodes, and his attorneys, why I falsely plead guilty. I remember calling you and text messaging you Stewart Rhodes after I got out of imprisonment, after falsely pleading guilty. In late 2014 or in 2015. You said you were surprised I plead guilty, and after that you wanted to have nothing to do with me. You thought I was guilty of child porn despite the fact that you claimed you were almost set up with child porn in that interview with Dan Johnson of PANDAA (People Against the NDAA). Even Attorney Sue Basko was on your side and she was on my side. Filed an Affidavit in my federal case and everything, but they threatened her and intimidated her into walking away from my federal criminal case. The jury would not be allowed to hear from Attorney Sue Basko either about my innocence. You thought I was guilty, Stewart Rhodes. Well let me tell you that my false confession can be proven to be false and was proven to be false. Mental health evidence proves that those with Autism Spectrum Disorder can give false confessions and misleading statements. The Innocence Project also said innocent people falsely confess and enter false guilty pleas but decades later were exonerated by hard evidence, DNA evidence. Here is what I found out from the discovery materials which proves my innocence to child porn, Stewart Rhodes. Later on the U.S. Attorney admitted during a pre-sentence investigation that I had NO VICTIMS, no child victims. It said the supposed child porn was not of a known series which contradicts the entire Search Warrant Affidavit that Officer Robert Bridge claimed to have downloaded files from my IP Address known to him, known to the ICAC Task Force. So they documented the very files and knew who was in the files, but the U.S. Attorney and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children claimed not of a known series, and that I have no victims, victims could not be identified. SUCH FRAUD. They would not admit this until after I plead guilty, what a surprise. Then I read the State Bureau of Investigation case file, PAGE IV, and it said: 454 files had been downloaded with the eMule program between July 20, 2012, and July 28, 2013. My computer was seized on August 28, 2012. So for 11 months it supposedly continued downloading to my seized computer, according to their own written statements. It never actually said child porn was proven to have been found. It said “files of interest” or “images of interest” or “videos of interest” or all of the above. Files of interest??? Then we, my family read through the discovery materials, we looked and there was no affidavit from the Special Agent of the SBI, no evidence that it was ever examined by a certified forensic scientist under strict crime laboratory standards. None of that was evident. The forensic report was simply a State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) “case file” with a Bulls**t investigation where none of the strict and standard procedures were followed. Never filed any affidavit as to the expertise of SBI Special Agent Rodney V. White who claimed to have examined my computer. Never did any affidavit about any strict forensic disciplines and nothing about any accreditation. No confirmation of finding actual proven confirmed child pornography then specify who the supposed victims were. None of that ever happened. It was all a fraud, and I plead guilty to a fraudulent prosecution, as was their design under a RIGGED JURY TRIAL where I would be found guilty simply because they would only hear what the prosecutor had to say and I would be gagged on what I could bring up, I would be limited in what I could bring up for my defense. The Jury would not hear from Attorney Sue Basko, you Stewart Rhodes would never have been allowed to testify about the child porn set up attempt on you, nobody would know in the jury pool that I ran USWGO Alternative News, and they would not be allowed to know that. I was told that it wouldn’t matter if I had bought a used computer, I would be considered technically guilty of child porn possession, even though the entire case was later proven to be a fraud after I falsely plead guilty. The attorneys who were supposed to help me were ignorant, and didn’t know anything except getting me to take a plea agreement. IT’S A FRAUD, FRAUD. Later on I found out that every element of the crime must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt but I didn’t know that and didn’t understood that before I falsely plead guilty, didn’t get to review over all discovery evidence materials and documents until after I falsely plead guilty, then I was allowed to review over the rest of the papers.
Stewart Rhodes, if you are convicted, you were convicted by a rigged jury trial just like the rigged jury trial I would have faced if I had not plead guilty falsely. You judged me and thought I was guilty because I took the guilty plea. You avoided talking to me for years after you found out that I had falsely plead guilty, didn’t even want to text me, you wanted to ignore me for years just like Darrin McBreen of Infowars. Roger Stone did thought I was innocent of child porn that he actually pushed for a full pardon for me at the last minute (from December, 2020, to January, 2021) from President

Donald Trump until January 6 happened, then all that got flushed down the toilet. Roger Stone reassured me even after January 6, that he was still trying to get me a full pardon for my wrongful conviction of possession of child pornography. To make sure I am clear about Roger Stone’s intentions, he did this out of the kindness of his heart, I offered no money to Roger Stone, Roger Stone asked for none. He fought for me, PRO BONO, accepted my federal affidavit for The White House to be used in my push for Roger Stone to have me pardoned based on evidence that I was wrongfully convicted, and you never fought for me because you thought I was guilty. I’m Sorry Stewart Rhodes, I want to be honest with you and confront you with the very same stigmatization you felt about me, now you face similar issues of being called terrible things like an insurrectionist. Anyways, you now face a rigged jury trial because Donald Trump failed to drain the swamp, he failed to remove the corrupt government employees. He failed or refused to remove or investigate those who framed me with child porn. He failed and refused to investigate who set me up with child porn, the documents proving I was set up from the
U.S. Attorney’s own fraudulent prosecution which is a persecution against an alternative
newsman, USWGO Alternative News.
If you, Stewart Rhodes, understand now why I had plead guilty to a crime I was innocent of, it’s because if I did not plead guilty in a rigged jury trial with a terrible Trial attorney, I would have been found guilty. They would not have known about the download dates allegedly being 11 months after my computer was seized. They would not know that Special Agent Rodney V. White was not certifying himself as any credible computer forensic scientific expert under affidavit normally required under North Carolina State Law for forensic investigations including child porn digital investigations. They did not know who the supposed victims were. Not of a known series, didn’t confirm each and every file of interest to being that of unlawful child pornography. Arguably, It theoretically could have been a nudist photo for all I care and they would count that as child pornography despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that obscenity is required for a photo to be considered as pornography. You would know it if you saw it. Arguably, The fact that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said not of a known series, means it could have been anything, it could have been a nudist collection from some nudist organization, it could have been Trojan horse files from Win32/MoliVampire.A being assumed as child porn. It could have been anything as they did not confirm each file of interest was child porn. None of that matters, the jury would hear none of it because it would have been rigged, just like Eric David Placke told me and my family. I would lose the jury trial if I did not plead guilty. I faced a rigged jury trial before any of the Donald Trump loyalists were convicted as well, regardless of whether innocent or guilty.

Stewart Rhodes and your attorneys, you now know why I had falsely plead guilty. You turned your back on me Stewart Rhodes back in 2015, thinking I was guilty because I took the plea agreement and got time served. Your facing a similar bad situation, and if you are convicted, then you finally understand why I falsely took the guilty plea. Jury trials are rigged in America, in our corrupt Federal Courts in front of DisHonorable corrupt Federal Judges who do not give a damn about any of us, care only about themselves, and self preservation. I went through not a fair trial by jury, I went through a denunciation rally aka a struggle session. They destroyed my character, they assassinated my character to permanently close the book on USWGO Alternative News at They did this to not allow me to use the internet, possibly for the rest of my life as they can extend my supervised release for any reason or no reason at all. This was not done to protect the children but was done to protect the Feds and the State of North Carolina from my political activism and news work as alternative media. Mayodan even listed my victim was “State of North Carolina”. That is my victim of my alleged supposed crime of journalism. My victim is North Carolina, isn’t that great!!!!
Now you know the truth, Stewart Rhodes.

You finally now realize I was framed with child porn and was innocent all along, but you judged me and turned your back on me, Stewart Rhodes. Now you know I was innocent all along by your life being persecuted by the Deep State. Blame Donald Trump for your misery and suffering. He set you up, he framed you by not draining the swamp and not purging the corruption and proven criminals within our Federal Government. He could have legally purged the corruption by simply conducting investigations and proving their crimes, then the swamp could have been drained, and you would never have had to face a rigged jury trial. When the Feds couldn’t frame you with child pornography back in 2013 along with Dan Johnson, the Feds decided to frame you with seditious conspiracy or whatever it is called. I received two threatening emails while the supposed child porn (454 files of interest) was downloading by eMule until July 28, 2013, between that time was two the threatening emails I received in 2013. One threatening email said and I quote: “we know some people in the SBI who will make sure you are convicted” and said they framed me with child porn. Sue Basko knew about those threatening emails. They (the tormail sender) knew about the SBI setting me up, they knew about the download dates, whoever had sent the threatening emails like what Luke Rudkowski spoke of.

Luke Rudkowski who was also almost set up with child porn. He stood up for me. He allowed an article to be written about my child porn set up by reporter Aaron Kesel. He actually stood up for me and his reporter had written a compelling article about me being framed (set up) with child porn. You didn’t stand up for me because you thought I was guilty, and now ineffective Donald John Trump, ineffective President who never drained the swamp and never removed the pedophiles from office, never removed the child molesters in offices of our Federal Government who framed me with child porn and prosecuted me with FRAUD. Trump did not drain the swamp, and so my guess is that Federal Government sanctioned child porn set ups will likely continue and probably increase with these STRUGGLE SESSIONS, in my belief. I feel that more and more will be set up with child porn by the pedophile rings inside our Federal Government until pedophilia becomes acceptable as pushed by Drag Queen story time and liberals, and then children are abused nationwide and worldwide, America is doomed, there is no fixing this anymore. The Courts are broken, America is under siege. The American people are being held hostage and there is nobody coming to save us except GOD, JESUS.
Stewart Rhodes, you understand what it is like to be set up by a fraudulent or misguided federal prosecution/persecution not about thwarting criminals and not about deterring crime, but is about thwarting freedom of speech and thwarting freedom of press. It is about deterring freedom of speech and about deterring freedom of press.

We are now in communism under a pedophile regime with unlimited access to child pornography files. They can plant as much as they want, however they want, whenever they want. They can plant child porn on any of us at any time.

Now you know the rest of the story. Where We Go One, We Go All.

God bless you,
Brian D. Hill

Ally of Q, Former news reporter of U.S.W.G.O. Alternative News

Here is the interview about the 2013 child pornography frame up of Stewart Rhodes: