Author: Stanley Bolten

The QResearch area at 8kun did discuss the Supreme Court case of case no. 22-6123 Blackmail Scheme Case. Here it is. Four different links at 8Kun to the Q Research section all discuss the case of Brian David Hill v. United States. This is great. Time to expose the entire blackmail scheme. Qanons, don’t forget that the U.S. Department of Justice and Thomas David Schroeder are holding Brian D. Hill hostage. THEY ARE HOLDING BRIAN D. HILL HOSTAGE!!! See – Qanons need to be investigating the DisHonorable Thomas David Schroeder, Federal THUG Judge, Chief Thug JUDGE, JUDGEY. They are all holding Brian hostage. Time to see if any investigator can find if Judge Schroeder is blackmailed in any of the alleged child rape and murder blackmail tapes or maybe Schroeder may be visiting child porn websites. See the Pete Santilli statements about “federal judges visiting child porn sites”. Maybe William Lindsey Osteen Junior was visiting child porn sites. Hmmmm INVESTIGATE THEM ALL since they are holding Brian Hill HOSTAGE.

Here are the images posted at: