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US Appeal Brief of USWGO news Brian D. Hill shows arguments of Actual Innocence and Government Defrauding the Court

He is taking jurisdiction of appealed issues out of the Courts of Appeals and into his own hands like a dictator. So the decision to dismiss the entire 2255 case lacks jurisdiction and is an unlawful usurpation of power.

USWGO news Brian Hill had filed objections to cowardly U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Webster’s recommendations dismissing 2255 Motion

by Laurie Azgard Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news had filed objections to the lies and misinformation filed by U.S. magistrate judge Joe Webster of Durham, North Carolina federal courthouse. The objections have been uploaded on this blog. Objection… Continue Reading →

USWGO news Brian Hill had filed a new 2255 Motion ground: “FRAUD upon the court” for his federal case

by Laurie Azgard Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news had filed a motion to amend to his 2255 motion to include a new ground of “fraud upon the court”, after the cowardly U.S. magistrate judge Joe Webster had recommending… Continue Reading →

US Appeals Court affirms news reporter has no right to discovery to prove innocence

Stanley Bolten, Bad news, former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News, Brian D. Hill, had lost his Federal Court Appeal over his fight to get access to his own criminal case discovery evidence necessary to prove actual innocence, and that… Continue Reading →

Motion for Mental Exam regarding Innocence referred to Magistrate Judge

Stanley Bolten, The Motion asking the U.S. District Court for a mental examination in regards to former alternative news activist (USWGO Alt. News) Brian D. Hill’s actual innocence has been referred to U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Webster for a decision… Continue Reading →

Evidence/Arguments of Journalist Brian D. Hill’s innocence are found in his 2255 Brief

Stanley Bolten, For those that think Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News isn’t innocent in his criminal case but may be ignorant of the facts of innocence brought out in his Habeas Corpus petition, I felt the need to… Continue Reading →

Download the Court Documents of Brian D. Hill’s criminal case from TORRENT now

Note: Don’t let the U.S. Attorney corrupt S.O.B. cover up and destroy the evidence of his actual innocence and evidence of the criminal behavior by the Feds criminal enterprise. Share that Torrent, post the court documents on places like scribd,… Continue Reading →

Assistant U.S. Attorney pushes for injunction to shut down FOIA/2255 cases – ALERT!!!!!!!

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This blog may be shut down by kangaroo court gag orders in the future if this article isn’t taken seriously and the Court may start coming after public forums and other place where Brian’s criminal case is mentioned or… Continue Reading →

AUSA Ramaswamy doesn’t file reply to Brian’s response to motion to dismiss habeas corpus (2255)

Stanley Bolten, For the first time in the criminal case of United States v. Brian David Hill, formerly a USWGO Alternative News reporter nicknamed as Brian D. Hill, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anand P. Ramaswamy may have conceded defeat in his… Continue Reading →

USWGO News Brian D. Hill files response to Government’s motion to dismiss 2255 motion

Stanley Bolten, I have had the chance to go through Brian D. Hill’s (USWGO Alternative News) response to the Government’s motion to dismiss his 2255 motion to vacate his entire criminal conviction on the ground of mainly (1)actual innocence and… Continue Reading →

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