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Brian D. Hill formerly of USWGO Alt. News tells Pete Santilli on his show about the Blackmail Scheme case in U.S. Supreme Court, says “we must be shown the evil” as Q says, saying we have to go through the corrupt judicial process to prove it is corrupt and broken

Author: Stanley Bolten Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, had called into the Pete Santilli Show around 6-7PM on January 23, 2023. He called in to talk about his case in the U.S. Supreme Court. The case about… Continue Reading →

Pete Santilli: “Evan Neumann has corroborated everything that’s in here.” referring to U.S. Supreme Court case 22-6123 regarding blackmail scheme of child rape and murder including Chief Justice John Roberts

According to Pete Santilli on his Pete Santilli Show around January 9, 2023 (citation: Episode 3274-6PM 26:56 through 32:19 (minutes:seconds)) talking about a man who has been wanted by the U.S. FBI, Evan Neumann, has corroborated everything of the claims made by Attorney Lin Wood in Brian D. Hill’s EMERGENCY APPLICATION TO CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS TO RECUSE HIMSELF FROM ALL PROCEEDINGS INVOLVED IN CERTIORARI PETITION CASE (pdf also in Supreme Court, attached evidence also filed in attachment to EMERGENCY MOTION for John Roberts to recuse himself, the same basic evidence used in the application). This is regarding case no. 22-6123, filed by Brian D. Hill who is formerly USWGO Alternative News, and has been an ally of Q since late 2018. The episode is dubbed as: “BREAKING! U.S. Supreme Court is OFFICIALLY CAPTURED | EP 3274-6PM”. Thank You Pete Santilli for confirming this information through sources other than just simply Attorney L. Lin Wood. This helps the blackmail scheme case of Brian David Hill aka Brian D. Hill of formerly USWGO Alternative News.

BREAKING: PETE SANTILLI COVERS BLACKMAIL SCHEME CASE, shows the Supreme Court document filed by Brian D. Hill; even QResearch has somebody bringing up Supreme Court case no. 22-6123

Author: Stanley Bolten Pete Santilli of the Pete Santilli show covers the Supreme Court case of Brian David Hill v. United States. Case no. 22-6123. He shown the EMERGENCY APPLICATION (see the article and fully filed pdf file) asking Chief… Continue Reading →

Brian D. Hill calls into Pete Santilli show on 9/19/2022 to speak of the child porn set up campaign by Govt, judicial corruption

Note: If you are investigating what happened to Brian D. Hill, there is a lot of evidence and issues to look at but we have the most important pieces of evidence Brian brought up to Pete Santilli with the limited time. Anybody who has watched the Pete Santilli show where Brian Hill called in or is involved with that show can review the evidence below in this article, below the video of

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