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Compromised and BLACKMAILED U.S. SUPREME COURT denied Certiorari for Raland Brunson case; and Attorney Robert Thomas III lied about the Brunson case being “accepted by the Supremes”

Author: Stanley Bolten When my source or sources burn me by giving me false information, I will not tolerate it. I was convinced based on this Attorney that the Raland Brunson case was accepted by the Supremes. I did not… Continue Reading →

Exclusive: BREAKING: The U.S. Supreme Court accepted the Raland Brunson case, the Supremes accepted the case (Source is redacted to protect source)

ALERT Jan-9-2023-4PM: Source is Robert Thomas III, he either lied or was wrong with whoever gave him that information in the supreme Court or god knows where this attorney got this information from. HE LIED TO ME, THAT LIE WENT… Continue Reading →

Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News files letter with Supreme Court in support of Raland Brunson case no. 22-380, please write the Supreme Court as soon as possible before January 6, 2023 when the Raland Brunson case is being discussed at CONFERENCE by Justices

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News has mailed off a letter to the Supreme Court, and the Brunson brothers in full support of their case at the Supreme Court (case no. 22-380). Their case is over the issue of election fraud and wanting government elected employees to be held accountable for dereliction of duty by not doing their jobs when evidence of election fraud or abnormalities surface. Yet these useless corrupt elected government employees are allowing elections to be rigged since 2020. Raland Brunson is right, and the Brunson brothers team is right. Elections are rigged, and voting machines can be rigged by being hacked and having vulnerabilities. Mike Lindell brought up about the rigged and hacked voting machines and got targeted because of what he said in 2021. Visit their website at Brunson Bros. drain the swamp (

U.S. Supreme Court’s Chief Justice John Roberts still refuses to recuse himself even after filing of EMERGENCY APPLICATION and EMERGENCY MOTIONS, Brian D. Hill’s Certiorari Petition and/or motions are all distributed to CONFERENCE on same day as petitions of RALAND J. BRUNSON election fraud case

Author: Stanley Bolten Chief Justice John Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court has still refused to recuse himself from the case of Brian David Hill v. United States of America (USWGO Alternative News founder) despite two separate filings asking for… Continue Reading →

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