by Laurie Azgard

Note: Brian D. Hill asks QANON for help July 9, 2019 – BitChute

Now 138 read receipt emails have been confirmed from U.S. Department of Defense [DOD] email addresses asking the alliance members and Qanon folks at the DOD to protect Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news] and not let the deep state eliminate Brian. Brian had already suffered under carbon monoxide poisoning [2]. It is time for Brian not to be bullied or attacked any further for his past political behavior. He was wrongfully convicted by a retaliation campaign to shut down USWGO alternative news forever and assassinate Brian’s character so they didn’t have to physically kill him. They did the same type of tactic to Alex Jones.

138 Department of Defense contacted justice for uswgo brian hill by laurie azgard

I have been busy with talk-show work behind the scenes, but have been contacting people at the White House such as Kellyanne Conway, and others. I had released a meme to attempt to persuade people to ask U.S. President Donald John Trump to meet with Brian to discuss about the corruption in Greensboro and Winston-Salem federal court jurisdictions and to assist in possibly filing a pardon of innocence to nullify Brian’s wrongful criminal conviction in federal court.

The number of people returning acknowledge of read receipts include but not limited to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, and even a few from military universities. The fight to get Qanon or even the alliance inside the DOD to assist Brian and protect him from further harm caused by the deep state swamp.

QAnon, whether you believe they are real or fake or some LARP group, has become a popular campaign bringing hope of holding corrupt deep state actors accountable for their crimes and restoring the rule of law. Just because Trump is president doesn’t mean we all go back to sleep and act as though one man can stop all of this corruption. President Trump needs help from the American people and from God to assist him at defeating all corruption within the federal bureaucracy. The reason many federal judges may be corrupt is because they were appointed by special interests and puppet presidents of the New-World-Order agenda pushing globalists. The average American citizen needs to get involved and fight along with Trump together to stop the corruption at all levels of government once and for all.