See article: USWGO news reporter Brian filed Two appeals and then a motion to temporarily reverse SRV Revocation

by Laurie Azgard

Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news] has filed so many pleadings with the keyword “Qanon” that now his federal criminal case and writ of habeas corpus case [2255 motion] are now listed on the top search results of for the RECAP archive.

Here is the proof:

Qanon brian d. hill uswgo alternative news top case criminal habeas corpus writ 2255 courtllistener

Anybody who searches for Qanon on that website shall find Brian’s federal criminal case and writ of habeas corpus 2255 case. It will be found easily. Brian is pushing for justice, acquittal of his federal charge and overturn his wrongful conviction. Brian wants to defeat the New-world-Order advocates in the federal court system in North Carolina, and only the truth will defeat them.

Brian is heavily pushing for the Department of Defense to assist him in taking down corruption in the middle district of North Carolina federal court system. The corruption is out of control and they must be held accountable for the rule of law. This is a nation of laws including our constitution, not a nation of men/women. If they want to destroy our Constitution, they can move to Communist China or North Korea. Get out of our country traitors!

Brian D. Hill of USWGO asks QANON for help again justice for uswgo laurie azgard

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