Brian Hill was released from prison on Friday night after being there for only 10 hours.  The guards said that they have never seen this happen before.  Brian was ecstatic to be released so soon and without having to even spend the night.  His family is calling his early release a “Christmas miracle”.

Thanks to the First Step Act, which was signed by President Donald Trump on December 21, 2018, this bill seeks to reduce recidivism in the Federal judicial system.  According to the article in Time Magazine called “How Unlikely Allies Got Prison Reform Done—With an Assist From Kim Kardashian West”, inmates can earn credits for early release.  The article says, “It will create a system for inmates to earn credits toward early release and sets up new programs designed to improve their ability to adapt to life after prison.” Finally, America has a President that is trying to reform the Federal justice system!  There is hope.

President Donald Trump Participates in Signing Ceremony for Two Criminal Justice Reform Acts