by Laurie Azgard – Disclaimer: The image in this article is just a parody but the 403 forbidden and the black screen did really happen. The hacker image is just a representation of what could have happened.

Many have noticed that anybody trying to watch the documentary film of “My Truth: The Rape of the 2 Coreys” was met with an 403 forbidden error. It was even reported by MEA WorldWide as also to be the case. Update: PageSix brought up this issue as well.

My Truth Documentary Corey Feldman's documentary My Truth_ The Rape of the 2 Coreys 403 forbidden black screen2

Either this was just showing a “black screen” or a “403 forbidden” error. For those who have paid $20 to see the film, they were unable to see it. Either it was a massive surge of website traffic or a hacker attack meant to disrupt Corey Feldman’s attempt to get the truth out. It is truly a Black-Screen-Of-Death.

The pedophile rings that are connected with the deep state elites like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, do not want the truth to come out.

If Corey Feldman is reading this blog, I have a suggestion for you. If there was a hacker attack to censor Corey’s documentary, then he may need to act quickly to get the truth out so that Corey doesn’t become another conspiracy theory like what happened to Jeffrey Epstein. I am aware of how these pedophile rings operate with truth tellers. They frame people with child porn, they even set people up with any other crime of moral turpitude to ruin the character of such a truth speaker. I am aware of how dangerous the pedophile rings are. If you want my suggestion, leak it to Bitchute, leak it to Bittorrent, leak it to Wikileaks. It should not be released on a centralized streaming website as that is begging for hacker attacks. Centralized systems are easy to attack and censor. Don’t use centralization. Get the truth out in the grassroots. Don’t worry about copyright or licenses or whatever. If your film is being censored Corey Feldman, then get the truth out by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY. Don’t worry about showing it on a centralized website. Get the film out by whatever electronic means is at your disposal. Don’t be an idiot. Be cautious about the pedophile rings coming after your life but don’t be afraid of them, and think about the truth being squashed by the elites. Don’t worry about licenses. Just release your documentary on every possible platform. Internet archive, Bitchute, Bittorrent, file download sites. Don’t let them stop you from getting your story out there, it is your first amendment right.

For those who don’t believe that people can be set up by the pedophile rings, read this ActivistPost article: CAN OF WORMS: Infowars Targeted By Child Porn And MSM, Not The First Time Alternative Journalists Set Up

Update 1:05AM – Mar 3-2020: I support Corey Feldman, I do not think he is a fraud. The deep state will discredit anybody who attempts to get the truth out, that is a fact. Corey Feldman is not an IT expert, he is not a computer genius so he doesn’t know what a DDoS attack is. His website was likely hacked and evidence can be found in the server logs of his website. Those logs need to be analyzed by the FBI to determine if those IP addresses are repeated patterns. If IP addresses keep loading the website over and over again until the website crashes, then it is a DDoS attack. There are different kinds of DDoS attacks. Why didn’t Corey Feldman use Cloudflare?

Update 1:25AM – Mar 3-2020: A screenshot has been taken from the documentary website that Corey Feldman’s documentary was supposed to have aired. It says sorry for the inconvenience. There was also a tweet too that did admit that hackers are trying to keep the documentary from airing. Stay Tuned on this blog for more information!

My Truth Documentary Corey Feldman's documentary My Truth_ The Rape of the 2 Coreys 403 forbidden black screen hackerapologize

tweet-hacker-My Truth Documentary Corey Feldman's documentary My Truth_ The Rape of the 2 Coreys 403 forbidden black screen hackerapologize

See update here: Corey Feldman’s documentary website admits “hackers are trying to prevent the stream from airing” attacking his expose’ documentary – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News