by Laurie Azgard

Another email was messaged to U.S. solicitor general Noel Francisco about the deep state swamp corruption, asking him to do the right thing. Not just in the Supreme Court case of Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. The first email was read by the Department of Justice. Will the second one?

Here is the PDF file of the email.

Here is the transcript of the email:

Noel Francisco the Solicitor General of US,

I don’t want to sit there and be a conspiracy theorist, but according to the letter that was received by the Supreme Court on Thursday, July 9, you were supposed to receive a copy. It was mailed on Monday according to the tracking number in the affidavit but it is Friday and you still have not received the letter.

Brian’s mother and his family wanted to make sure that the letter to all justices is on record, and that includes publication on Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News campaign website on wordpress. This letter has to be served on all parties, yet for some reason the USPS is screwing it up, whether on purpose or by negligence, I don’t know. Covid-19 is nothing but an excuse to allow incompetence.

A letter has been filed asking for an extension of the deadline for any law school or lawyer to file an amicus brief in support of Brian’s writ of certiorari petition.

You have a right to a copy of this letter as a respondent. Donald Trump is trying to stop the Swamp, to drain the damn swamp, the deep state Swamp because if he loses, we are highly likely descending into a civil war – which the globalists have orchestrated which will devastate the Constitution and end the American dream for everybody, it is inevitable with the rise of corruption and anarchy that patriots feel like descending into civil conflict with the allowance of pedophilia with drag queen story time, free speech being deprived online and on the streets by the mobs, free press being slowly eliminated including USWGO Alternative News who was set up with child porn a long f**king time ago, BLM ANTIFA racism, and other things that will totally destroy the Constitution of the United States forever. This is madness, lawlessness, and the DOJ knows better than to go along with any of this.

As solicitor General, you know better, law exists for a reason, to protect and serve each and every American person, as citizens of this great republic. It is you who can prevent the high probability of an inevitable civil war of patriots that Alex Jones keeps talking about on his widely syndicated radio broadcast, and all it takes is to hold government corruption accountable once and for all. That is by going after the deep state including the corruption in the CIA and corruption in the DOJ and FBI corruption. Do not be afraid of the corruption, they are breaking the laws of the land. They should not be in office but should be charged with federal crimes for their actions. U.S. Attorney John Durham knows this. William Barr knows this, Jeffrey Epstein knew how bad his part of the corruption was. The pedophile rings that had infiltrated our government and Brian was likely a victim of a child porn set up campaign by the pedophile rings which involve Jeffrey Epstein, maybe even Ghislaine Maxwell.

As for Brian David Hill’s case, you can choose to do the right thing and legally and lawfully purge the corruption by charging them all with crimes to be held accountable by consenting to an Amicus curiae and allow any lawyer or law school to file an amicus curiae in case no. 19-8684.

You can choose to hold at least the Middle district of North Carolina deep state actors accountable by consenting to the amicus curiae briefs. Don’t just sit and let the petition die in SCOTUS record to keep Brian defamed forever. Brian’s family, friends, and followers have wanted to see the final conclusion of whether Brian David Hill was actually innocent of possessing child pornography, that he was proven set up, framed, and defrauded in our legal system. We all want to know whether Brian has proven his factual innocence, whether he had proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he was not guilty and had no intent to receive and possess those alleged supposed files. Brian deserves to operate an alternative media website again, USWGO Alternative New deserves to come back to life as freedom of press guaranteed and Brian deserves to have his name cleared once and for all. Brian was trying as best as he could to prevent all of the deep state garbage that is tearing our country apart and descending us into anarchy, racism, and eventually a civil war. Brian tried to prevent all of that by peacefully operating an anti-new-world-order news website from 2009 on up. Brian lost his freedom of speech and freedom of press by being placed on federal probation. It was meant to ruin his life, to ruin his character, and shut down his alternative media website for the rest of his life. Susan Basko an attorney was threatened and intimidated into shutting up too, that is witness tampering. Why are the Feds engaging in high levels of corruption and legal terrorism against Brian Hill? Why do they permanently want Brian on federal probation and find every little excuse to increase his sentence over legal bullshit and fraud?

Noel Francisco, you were appointed by Trump, Trump wants you to DRAIN THE DAMN SWAMP. None of us care that your a lawyer and have to follow certain BS lawyer-talk protocols. You swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution.

Brian is being deprived of his constitutional right to use the internet, operate, and operate an alternative media website because he got set up with child porn. It happened to Alex Jones, it was on

They wanted Brian on probation so that the federal government and anyone who opposes him can LIE about him, and Brian wouldn’t have the right or neither given the opportunity to respond to any defamation. Brian was the first test case of censorship through child porn set up tools before the other methods used to censor Alex Jones and defame him, calling him and Donald Trump pedophiles when they want to destroy the pedophile rings worldwide. The test case of those setting people up with child porn for political purposes unfortunately was a success because of the corruption in our federal courts. Then Alex Jones was targeted next in the Sandy Hook lawsuit being baited into disclosing private email messages where anybody can email that filth to him and he gets held accountable for it, labeling Alex Jones a child porn man. Like a Trojan horse in the city of f**king Troy.

Behold a pale horse, we are descending into the new world order tyranny structure of total emptiness and evilness. Where lies are true, where violence is peace, where slavery is freedom, ignorance is strength, like in Eric Blair’s 1984 book. George Orwell is Eric Blair.

General Michael Flynn follows QAnon, why don’t you join QAnon Noel Francisco? Be part of law and order, hold the corrupt actors accountable. Bring the rule of law back to the United States of America.

I solemnly swear, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, to uphold the laws of the land, that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office that I am about to enter, that I will swear allegiance to the same, so help me GOD.

Where we go one, we go all. QAnon.

Do the right thing as your oath of office says, hold the corruption accountable in the case of Brian David Hill. It is not too late to ask the Supreme Court to consider reviewing over the petition’s merits. There needs to be a judicial and agency investigations into the entire case, from top to bottom. The dirty underhanded fabrication of evidence needs to be fully prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Do your duty Noel Francisco, do not let the case of Brian Hill die in favor of judicial and prosecutorial corruption at the highest levels of the federal government.

Best regards to you,

Stanley Bolten

That sums it up, the corruption is eating away at our Constitution and descending America into a civil war that will permanently end our Constitution and suspend it forever.

John Durham needs to arrest the corruption within the DOJ, and the corruption within the FBI and CIA.

Ending the corruption can restore peace, prosperity, and the rule of law of the United States of America.

Stay tuned for more articles.

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