by Laurie Azgard

Note 6:33AM on August 20, 2020: removed the Millie Weaver category from their website but her videos are still there but are probably a little more difficult to find now without her category on the main website. Video posted below.

Note 4:04AM on August 20, 2020: Alex Jones announces he will scrub Millie Weaver content from Anti-Censorship platform, contradicting himself; saying Bon Voyage Millie! – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Alex Jones has fired news reporting contractor Millennial Millie aka Millie Weaver who did news reports for Infowars and also does her own news reporting which makes her competition to Alex Jones. Millie Weaver put out a tweet confirming that Alex Jones has turned his back on Millie Weaver over criminal charges stirred up from a domestic family dispute during the Covid-19 lockdowns and fear mongering by the mainstream media. news outlet reported that Millie Weaver’s mother did not want a prosecution over that family dispute.

This is Millie’s mother … It’s my cell phone worth about $50, that she took during a family dispute that happened months ago when I was in Ohio visiting my family. She took it because I had my phone on record during an argument we were having. We resolved the issue immediately and I dropped all charges right after it happened before I left Ohio … because it was a gross misunderstanding and no harm was done.

All families have their disagreements…especially during a quarantine…. In Ca nothing happens when you call the police…..I am shocked my family was arrested after I told the police to drop all charges months ago. I had a general affidavit of non prosecution notarized today and I spoke with the police chief , who told me I could not do anything until Monday morning and my daughter, son and her boyfriend have to stay in jail over the weekend. I am extremely upset… this is not what I wanted to happen. I think they have a lot bigger fish to fry…makes me think this might have been done to prevent her from coming out with some political information she is covering. There was no reason for this.

Quoted on but originally was from a YouTube video comment

Even entertaining news journalist Mark Dice [Wayback Machine archive] gave his two cents on the issue, and I agree with his analysis, that Millie Weaver was targeted for being an investigative journalist. I do not think it was entirely for her documentary ShadowGate, but that she was targeted for all of the news work she ever had done period as an investigative journalist. To kill the messenger and discredit the messages she was bringing out.

Alex Jones has also stirred up infighting between the QAnon people and the Alex Jones [Infowars] supporters. Alex Jones even claimed that people or a person thinking they were working for QAnon were trying to ram a train into a Naval ship thinking that George Soros and the members of the cabal were on that ship. QAnon never advocated violent action on the record on any of the QAnon posting websites like

Alex Jones had even stirred up false information that Millie Weaver’s documentary “ShadowGate” is attacking Roger Stone as some kind of kingpin or mastermind who is working with General Jones on ShadowNet.

Even military veteran Patrick Bergy who had been interviewed on Millie’s ShadowGate documentary who had also written the book “Victim of the Swamp” decried Alex Jone’s lying or exaggerating what the truth actually was. Two tweets [first and second] archived on Wayback Machine [first and second].

Veteran Patrick Bergy even said on Twitter that he was respectful to Alex Jones and yet Alex threw him under the bus, and that was before Alex Jones fired Millie Weaver and threw her under the bus. Said “…I said to Alex during my interview it seemed Infowars was the one place I could trust. I was respectful to Alex & his staff both on-air & off. Alex chose, for whatever reason, to throw me under the bus…” [excerpt of entire citation].

This is not the first time that Alex Jones has bailed on one of his own allies when one of his allies in the information warfare were faced with legal prosecution/persecution.

Meet Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news.

Brian D. Hill on left of the photograph, Alex Jones at the center, and Stewart Rhodes at the right. Photograph dated June, 2012.

Brian had been set up in 2012, and was raided by Town of Mayodan Police Department in North Carolina after Brian had released a document dump in August, 2012 due to a Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] request proving that the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] fusion centers were conducting surveillance on Infowars and those that commented on their websites.

Brian’s story about being hacked and set up with child porn, then federally charged was even on media websites like ActivistPost, SteemIt, and We Are Change. Even with all of the evidence alleged in Brian’s federal case and his actual innocence claims, Alex Jones has still refused to cover Brian’s story even till this very day, even Rob Dew is ignoring the case or refusing to cover it. Even corrupt Infowars reporter Darrin McBreen even blocked Brian from calling his cell phone number back in 2018.

Alex Jones turned his back on Millie Weaver exactly 2 days after the charges against Millie Weaver were made public on Portage County, Ohio court records under the criminal case no. 2020CR00534C. That is in the court of common pleas.

Alex Jones turned his back on Brian Hill shortly after the Mayodan Police raid and then his family witnessed that somebody working for Infowars had attempted to delete his family’s operated Facebook support page for Justice for Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news]. His family is allowing me to bring out this information not publicly disclosed years ago. Somebody working for Infowars on Facebook was made an admin or Moderator of Brian’s support group when his family was organizing the support page after Brian was arrested by Department of Homeland Security agents in December, 2013. Even Americas wrongfully convicted Facebook page tried to report on Brian’s detainment. The support page was so effective that even the Guilford County [Greensboro, North Carolina] jail staff sent armed goons up to Brian’s cell to intimidate him to persuade his family to stop the online campaign against the Jail for not taking care of Brian’s diabetes properly.

Then there was infighting in the support page, which were likely staged from cointelpro agents. One of them may be Dan Johnson, who was supposedly Brian’s activist buddy and friend. Another one may be Sean Justus [Popeye] aka James Ball of So Alex Jones turned his back on Brian more quickly than with Millie Weaver because Brian wasn’t a special guest on the Alex Jones show even though Millie Weaver would appear on the Alex Jones show from time to time depending on what issue she is covering. Of course we can’t prove whether or not Popeye aka Sean Justus of is cointelpro but he and Dan Johnson were acting weird towards Brian. That is the inside information about all of that. Then of course Dan Johnson started acting paranoid and wanted to record the phone conversations, and wanted Brian to forward his jail mail to him by his family. They disagreed with Dan and then Dan started the infighting against Brian’s family members which caused the support group to collapse. Thus Brian was never able to get a crowd sourced fundraiser for his legal costs and so he was appointed a CORRUPT public defender Eric David Placke. Placke reportedly made Brian take a guilty plea to child porn or face twenty years in federal prison. Placke ignored factual evidence of false confession and ignored evidence that child porn was downloading for 11 months after his laptop was already seized. Placke ignored the threatening emails from, even though that set up campaign continued until Alex Jones was almost framed with child porn in the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit in 2019.

brianThreatemail1 tormail

Susan Basko, an attorney/counselor for the U.S. Supreme Court filed an affidavit proclaiming Brian’s actual innocence but was also ignored by his court appointed lawyers Eric Placke and John Scott Coalter.

Despite all of the evidence that would cause any reasonable jury to find Brian D. Hill not guilty of his charge, Alex Jones would never let Brian on his show to discuss his case. Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer let Brian call in a few times, and tell his story briefly. However now even Owen Shroyer just acts as a puppet, a tool for Alex Jones to use and then dispose of.

The evidence is quite damning, both Millie Weaver aka Millennial Millie and Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news do not deserve a criminal conviction and were clearly being persecuted for their activism and their journalism.

Alex Jones failed to even demonstrate on his show that the CORRUPT Portage County prosecutor Victor V. Vigluicci happens to be a democrat party member which means that he will do everything he can to persecute Donald Trump supporters in Portage County as political enemies. Alex Jones attacks the democrats everyday on his talk show but fails to bring out how Millie Weaver’s criminal case prosecutor is a democrat party hackjob prosecutor. Why is Alex Jones turning his back on his allies? Alex Jones claims that he is standing in the way between us and the New World Order that wants to come after us. Well I guess Alex Jones stepped aside to let Brian D. Hill and Millie Weaver be non-literally slaughtered by political character assassins.

This blog does not think that Millie Weaver’s arrest was to stop the ShadowGate documentary from being released because the information leaks out anyways and cannot be stopped. More likely, they wanted to ASSASSINATE the character of Millie Weaver so that the documentary ShadowGate and any other news reports by Millie Weaver [including the Sunrise movement] would be discredited and have no value. They cannot assassinate the message about the Deep State so they assassinate the messenger which is Millie Weaver, to permanently discredit her and hold her criminal charges over her head like they did with Brian Hill. Make her a felon since corrupt lawyers give opinions that “felons are liars” and then destroy her reputation to ruin everything she had ever exposed in her life as a journalist.

It is also critical to note that Alex Jones lost in the Connecticut Supreme Court in regards to an emergency appeal or mandamus relief in regards to the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit. Alex Jones also had reached a confidential settlement with copyright troll Righthaven LLC after he said as reported by Vegas Inc. [formerly Las Vegas Sun] “Jones in July vowed to fight the lawsuit, calling it “totally without merit” and saying it “appears to be purely predatory.” Alex Jones has failed us and lied about things. Brian D. Hill did not bow down to Righthaven LLC and refused settlement which landed him a story in the New York Times back in 2011.

Update: removed the Millie Weaver category from their website but her videos are still there but are probably a little more difficult to find now without her category on the main website. Video posted below.