by Laurie Azgard

There you see, then you don’t, Infowars founder Alex Jones had kept his promise to start purging the Millie Weaver content from her old channel at, after a disagreement with Millie Weaver’s documentary film ShadowGate which had led to her being fired. Now Alex Jones is a hypocrite when he bashes Google, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter for censoring Infowars content. Now Alex Jones has engaged in the very censorship that he decries by deleting content from his very own platform of A double standard where he decries liberals censoring conservative content when the liberals claim fake news but is okay with deleting and purging the content of journalist Millie Weaver who formerly worked for Infowars. That is as if all the years of news reporting she had done for Infowars doesn’t matter anymore. Even if Millie got down on her hands and knees and begged Alex Jones to stop, he cannot undo the damage he had already done, those video links will never come back, they are gone forever, down the memory hole. Alex Jones committed the ultimate hypocrisy worthy of being documented and exposed on the entire internet.

Wayback machine on shows the old video page of ShadowGate documentary film but now when you attempt to visit the link, it is no longer available as if it doesn’t exist.

There you see it:

Now you don’t:

It is ironic how Millie Weaver’s documentary is BANNED from BANNED.VIDEO, what a hypocrisy. The end of ShadowGate documentary film as YouTube closes in on it as well, so it makes it appear as though Alex Jones and YouTube seem to be both working together on purging the Millie Weaver documentary, even though they aren’t working together on this. It may as well be the issue since both are independently scrubbing the internet of the ShadowGate documentary film. If such documentary was really defamatory in any way, shape, or form, then it would legally make sense to keep such offending film on the internet then file an anti-defamation lawsuit against Millie Weaver which would make more sense if a well credible journalist started lying about somebody out of the blue. That is not the case here, nobody is suing Millie Weaver for defamation, slander, or libel, but instead there are major moves on, and YouTube and other platforms to just simply censor ShadowGate. What does ShadowGate film really talk about that such censorship is considered more necessary than simply filing a lawsuit which would have been a better move if such documentary was ever defamatory in the slightest at all?

Click on the image to watch ShadowGate on Bitchute.

Millie took to her Twitter account to bring up about the blatant censorship, yeah it seems weird that both censors the film and around the same time so does YouTube and Facebook. Still makes it appear almost as if Alex Jones is working in tandem with the pro-censorship top internet platforms even though they are not working together, unless proof comes out showing that they may very well be working together, but it all seems to have suspicious timing.

Alex Jones the anti-censorship conservative is actually pro-censorship when it benefits him or protects the MOSSAD intelligence. Pro democrat media National Public Radio had this to say from Alex Jones’s take on being censored: “YouTube, Apple and Facebook have removed main outlets for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars website, citing repeated violations of policies against hate speech and glorifying violence. Infowars responded by accusing the companies of censorship.” Yet Alex Jones had just done that to Millie Weaver. Another hypocritical action from Alex Jones. He will censor his own staff when it comes down to the nitty gritty.

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