Author: Stanley Bolten

I have seen my Ally Attorney L. Lin Wood who followed me on Twitter being Banned from Twitter, Censored, and disappeared. Even though L. Lin Wood was right about Vice President Mike Pence betraying U.S. President Donald John Trump. He has been censored. Along with U.S. President Donald J. Trump. They are all being thrown into the Digital Ghettos before we are are marched to the digital concentration camps.

His Twitter tweets can still be accessed by using the WayBack Machine. This blog, Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News has published some of L. Lin Wood’s most interesting Tweets about the blackmail operations of the Deep State.

We support L. Lin Wood as we know that Brian D. Hill was framed and it would take PEDOPHILES WORKING IN OUR UNITES STATES GOVERNMENT, YES, there are pedophiles working inside of Law Enforcement and in Federal Agencies. I written an article with links to mainstream news articles of different Federal Agents and law enforcement caught with child porn. So there is proof that there are pedophiles working in our Law Enforcement Agencies and Bureaucracies and they would have the very filth material to set people up with.

Can rogue law enforcement or politicians plant child pornography? #PizzaGate

L. Lin Wood is right about the blackmail operations. There are pedophiles inside our Police Departments, Government agencies, and other places because they will be compromised.

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Article: WRC EXCLUSIVE: Alternative Media Writer Brian D. Hill Setup On Child Pornography Possession: | We Are Change