by Laurie Azgard

Merry Christmas! David Knight of Infowars, Alex Jones just fired you and betrayed you just like he did with Millie Weaver months ago that we reported on at “Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News” campaign website. Not just Millie Weaver but Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news.

It was reported on the yesterday’s Alex Jones Show and on David Knight’s twitter page that he was fired from Infowars, his category removed from but his page can still be accessed at at least for now. We will report if that page is also terminated in the future. We don’t like Infowars for their backstabbing and betraying nature. They ruined Brian D. Hill, formerly of the USWGO alternative news platform at They may have been a big part in exposing the New-World-Disorder but they have been too egotistical and Alex Jones had not been there for his fallen comrades like Brian D. Hill.

David Knight Infowars David Knight Show fired cancelled Alex Jones

His Twitter page can be accessed:

This is not the first time that Alex Jones symbolically and politically backstabbed/betrayed one of his employees. He had done this months ago to Millie Weaver and a whole series of articles were written on her and how it caused a leak by this campaign on Rob Dew being a liar to Stanley Bolten and the USWGO justice campaign:
LEAK: Rob Dew of Infowars looked into innocent man Brian D. Hill case, did nothing afterwards
LEAK: Emails to and from Rob Dew of Infowars prove that he ignored Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news over frame up
Alex Jones terminates career of Millie Weaver; treats her exact same way as Brian D. Hill of USWGO; Millie Weaver of Infowars FIRED
Alex Jones announces he will scrub Millie Weaver content from Anti-Censorship platform, contradicting himself; saying Bon Voyage Millie!
More political character assassination attacks on Millie Weaver and Whistleblowers, dipping into pedophilia
Tore, whistleblower on the ShadowGate film by Millie Weaver, discloses the truth about husband, turning him into police for his crime
WARNING to Infowars; if they continue attacking Millie Weaver and ignore Brian D. Hill’s case; we will expose YOU InfoWHORES
Infowars begins purging Millie Weaver videos from, Alex Jones a hypocrite for decrying censorship from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Ali Alexander joins the political character assassins against news reporter Millie Weaver; blocks Stanley Bolten from his Twitter page without explanation
ALERT!!!! ALERT!!! Attempted Set Up of Millie Weaver with Child Pornography
Ali Alexander and his supporter attacks Millie Weaver releasing child porn set up email, insinuating that it could be false; said it’s fake

So now a longtime Infowars contributor David Knight, a former University professor who is reportedly a libertarian and had joined Alex Jones of Infowars in 2011 after he had won the Infowars reporter contest. He had been a host of the “David Knight Show” from 9:00AM to 12:00AM EST, right before the Alex Jones Show from 12:00 to 4:00PM.

Even Truthstream Media put out this tweet in response to David Knight being fired from Infowars, terminated out of the blue.

Melissa Melton had quit Infowars back in 2013 and was reportedly targeted afterwards by whoever had been responsible. So many had left Infowars and that kind of tells the whole world and the American people the kind of person Alex Jones truly is. Alex Jones is all about himself, claiming to have being the “tip of the spear” as if only he is the one who is victorious when it is a collective team of people fighting the New-World-Order. Alex Jones is one spear in a movement of hundreds to thousands to millions of spears. Alex Jones is not the tip top of the anti-NWO activist rebels as he continues claiming. Alex Jones just regurgitates what others have already dug up, uncovered, leaked, and got to to the American people.

Alex Jones booted David Knight from his alternative media business operation. Alex Jones is losing friends fast. Soon he will lose everybody and will be all alone as he should be. Alex Jones continually claimed he will be indicted or arrested or SWAT teamed. I say good for him for a nationwide worldwide backstabber who could care less about anybody but himself. He stabbed Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news in the back politically not literally. Darrin McBreen of Infowars also politically and symbolically stabbed Brian in the back, I guess they will all continue their tirade of “MY WAY or the HIGHWAY”. It is all about Alex Jones being the hero or nobody is. Alex Jones is NO HERO, he is a ZERO. A Judas man.