Stanley Bolten Note Dec-29-2020: Brian isn’t the only one concerned about the Fourth Circuit Judges acting corrupt. Christopher Julian is also saying the exact same thing about that Court. His letter to U.S. Congressman Morgan Griffith and his blog post with a link to that very letter have been archived on this Blog as further evidence of Judicial Corruption. Christopher Julian’s letter in JPG Format and his blog post archived in PDF Format.

by Laurie Azgard

The corrupt “United States Court of appeals for the Fourth Circuit” completely dismissed former USWGO alternative news reporter Brian D. Hill’s fraud upon the court ground and his actual innocence ground in his 2255 case under federal Writ of Habeas Corpus. It is a short memorandum opinion, then simply dismissed. No ruling on the actual merits, I do not believe that the corrupt “Fourth Circuit” is even reviewing over the evidence at all. The opinion being short for such a complex criminal case is very revealing that the Fourth Circuit federal court of appeals could care less about any appeal that Brian files at all.

Brian angrily has pushed back against the Fourth Circuit calling for the arrest of every judge of this court of appeals, and had formerly filed a request with the U.S. Secretary of Defense Brian Miller asking for high treason charges on all federal judges that have victimized him. These judges have ignored evidence, ignored witnesses, refused any and all evidentiary hearings to determine the truth of the matter of Brian’s allegations and claims, as well as the facts. The court has repeated denied any and all relief. Even if Brian was really guilty and not innocent, he still should have been entitled to any constitutional relief or any remedy that law requires. These courts are not giving any relief to Brian, they will not let him have a independent computer forensic expert to examine his seized computer and determine why alleged supposed possible child pornography was downloading for 11 months after his computer was seized. Nobody wants to investigate why, nobody wants to allow Brian to conduct discovery to determine the facts and the truth. There is a lack of truth and merit by the corrupt federal prosecutor Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, he is a fraudster and should be arrested for all of his crimes. Whether you the reader of this article seriously believe that Brian is guilty or innocent of his charge, Brian has a constitutional right to prove his “ACTUAL INNOCENCE“.

See the corrupt opinion of the Fourth Circuit completely denying Brian’s petition for certificate of appealability.

USCA OPINION dismissing consolidated appeals as to BRIAN DAVID HILL re: (Docs. 226, 238 ). (Civil Action 1:17CV1036) USCA Case Nos. 19-7755 & 20-6034. (Daniel, J) (Entered: 12/18/2020) – archived on this blog

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They again used the one year statute of limitations of the “Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act” that was created in the 1990s out of the Oklahoma city federal building bombing by terrorist Timothy McVeigh and there was a second person involved which the narrative had refused to accept. It was not a lone wolf in my opinion.

Even if AEDPA were not used against Brian in his writ of habeas corpus here, they are basically stating that Brian had raised no constitutional issue or ground justifying any relief. That is a pure and sheer LIE. His appeal brief brought up that actual innocence and fraud upon the court are two exceptions to the anti-terrorism statute barring habeas corpus petitions after one year of the conviction judgment in a criminal case. It is clear that Joe Biden was also involved in the creation of AEDPA. He is all about corruption, contradictions, in his false claim to being tough on crime while not being tough on his pedophile son Hunter Biden. It is okay for the former Vice-President’s son Hunter Biden to have sex with kids, but Brian D. Hill cannot get any relief for his claim of actual innocence and fraud upon the court and the Court ignores all evidence and witnesses and affidavits. Even if Brian were a liar, then he should be charged with lying to the Court. That is not the case here. Either Brian is lying or telling the truth. His allegations and claims should have been scrutinized and be resolved once and for all. The fact that the U.S. District Court just simply denies every motion and every appeal is dismissed with a rubber stamped approval by the entire Fourth Circuit, U.S. corrupt Court of Appeals, shows a lack of credibility and lack of functioning of our federal judiciary.

Brian is completely within his right to respectfully ask the U.S. military to arrest these high treasonous federal judges for completely breaking the court and breaking the justice system with just pure and sheer corruption and destitution. These federal courts are not acting properly they aren’t functioning properly anymore. They are broken and they these judges are no longer faithfully discharging their duties of their offices as they are acting partial and always favorable to the Government lawyers including corrupt special counsel lawyer Robert Mueller the III, formerly of the FBI. Corrupt FBI at that. What else can I say?