Update: Clerk added the letter and envelope to PACER and is available at Courtlistener.

Note: Recommend that you also look at documentary about the Lin Wood tweets: FEDERAL PORN WARS – Part 3: BLACKMAIL of Series – DOCUMENTARY at JusticeForUSWGO.wordpress.com – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News; and YouTube almost censors: Federal Porn Wars Series 3: BLACKMAIL (involving Jeffrey Epstein blackmail) and then uncensors video allowing without restriction! – U.S. Marshals or U.S. Military should take note to arrest the Federal Judges engaged in child rape and murder

Author: Stanley Bolten

Brian D. Hill, formerly USWGO Alternative News had filed his appeal brief opposing U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe L. Webster (Durham, NC Federal Courthouse) claiming that Brian’s fears of judicial blackmail mirroring the tweets of Attorney L. Lin Wood claims of “child rape” and “murder” blackmail videos concerning judges and politicians was labeled by a Court order as entirely “delusional” and “frivolous”. However, the U.S. Attorney had 21 days to respond to Brian’s “MOTION TO RECONSIDER” that Judge’s order but they did not respond. They did not contest or dispute the additional evidence regarding the credibility of Lin Wood. As well as a copy of Brian’s fax to Lin Wood dated January 20, 2021. Brian’s claims of Lin Wood’s credibility were undisputed, uncontested, as a matter of law under Local Rule 7.3(f) & (k).

Brian submitted to the Court, a 23 page letter to the U.S. Magistrate Judge Webster about why it is not delusional to suspect blackmail. He brought up an older 2015 threatening email received by Attorney Susan Basko. That threatening email threatened harm or misery of a criminal nature against both Brian Hill and Sue Basko. That threatening email said: “”…JUDGE OSTEEN WILL CONVICT HIM AGAIN AS WE WILL MAKE SURE OSTEEN IS PROCIDING JUDGE OVER BRIANS NEW INDICTMENT…” (citation excessive periods removed)”. They threatened to set up Brian with child porn again in 2015 which failed as he was never given an indictment (instead a probation violation over having an Autistic meltdown). That threatening email asserted that the assailant was also going to set up Sue Basko, the attorney. Then they would “make sure” that former “Chief Judge” William Lindsey Osteen Junior would be over his case. So they may have something on this judge, some form of blackmail, according to what that threatening email was insinuating. See the images from the Court filing about that very threatening email, then the pdf documents uploads which were filed by U.S. mail on April 11, 2022. Also all relevant documents below. All documents provided by family. This letter and the appeal brief are not yet filed on CM/ECF/PACER.GOV and the letter is not yet available on Courtlistener.com.

highlighted the section about they somehow may know Federal Judge Osteen of the Middle District of North Carolina or they will use him in some way, shape, or form. How interesting. This is not my claim but my opinion based on my analysis of this threatening email. Brian Hill came to the same conclusion.

Xfinity Connect Brian David Hill_s 2255 case Letter regarding no contest of Motion to Reconsider – Appeal brief; copy to_ lawyer Lin Wood Printout.pdf – Email with copies of both Letter and Appeal Brief pleadings emailed to Attorney Lin Wood, AUSA Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, AUSA Angela Hewlett Miller, and AUSA John M. Alsup of the U.S. Attorney Office for the Middle District of North Carolina. Quote from it: “If the government attacks the character of this attorney, he should have a right to file a response in this criminal and civil case. We all know that Ramaswamy lies about Brian and will likely lie about attorney Lin Wood.”
Xfinity Connect Read_ Brian David Hill_s 2255 case Letter regarding no contest of Motion to Reconsider – Appeal brief; copy to_ lawyer Lin Wood Printout.pdf – Read receipt from Attorney Lin Wood confirming receipt of service. He is the only attorney in the email who reportedly confirmed receipt. Anand Prakash Ramaswamy and the rest of his U.S. Attorney gang did not acknowledge receipt of that email. We are sure they all have it, but they don’t want to acknowledge receiving it.
Letter to US Magistrate Judge Joe webster April-11-2022(7).pdf – Letter mailed to U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Webster. That letter is being mailed to the Clerk and filing it triggering that the Respondent will also receive a copy making this letter a non-ex-parte letter since the Government will be served with an electronic copy by CM/ECF. Dated April 11, 2022.
Appeal brief for denying motion special master (main) (22).pdf – Appeal brief filed with the corrupt Fourth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals. Dated April 11, 2022.
USWGO_20220406_105627(OCR).pdf – Envelope and contents scan of appeal brief and mailing to Clerk of the corrupt Fourth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals.
USWGO_20220411_125540(OCR).pdf – Confirmation of proof of mailings to corrupt Fourth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals and corrupt U.S. District Court with letter. Confirmation and record of certified mail tracking numbers.
USWGO_20220411_102058(OCR).pdf – Envelope and contents scan of Letter to Magistrate Judge and mailing to Clerk of the corrupt U.S. District Court.
USPS.com® – USPS Tracking® Results-70210350000097200066.pdf – USPS delivery successful of letter to Clerk’s Office to file then forward to U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe L. Webster of the corrupt U.S. District Court
USPS.com® – USPS Tracking® Results-70210350000097200080.pdf – USPS delivery successful of appeal brief to Clerk’s Office of the corrupt U.S. Court of Appeals
70210350000097200066.pdf – Delivery confirmation/Digital return receipt for USPS tracking number 70210350000097200066
70210350000097200080.pdf – Delivery confirmation/Digital return receipt for USPS tracking number 70210350000097200080
22-6325 Docket-April-15-2022_3PM.pdf – Docket of appeal at 3:00PM
22-6325 Summary-April 15, 2022-10_40AM(2).pdf – Summary docket of appeal at 10:40AM where informal appeal opening brief was not yet entered on day of deadline, but it was entered that day
22-6325_Document2.pdf – Document #2 of appeal case – INFORMAL BRIEFING ORDER
22-6325_Document3.pdf – Document #3 of appeal case – RECORD REQUEST
22-6325_Document4-appeal.pdf – Document #5 – INFORMAL OPENING BRIEF
22-6325_Documents1-5-04-15-2022-14_57_30.pdf – Appeal docket and case documents from Document #1 up to Document #5 informal brief. Generated from PACER on April 15, 2022 2:57PM

Brian is basically attacking the corrupt Federal Judiciary machine including the Fourth Circuit right now, he is risking everything making this risky move. Brian is now bringing fourth his fears of judicial blackmail and concerns of judicial blackmail. Brian said he always suspected something was wrong as to why he kept losing every appeal. It is obvious he should have won at least one appeal out of over ten he had prosecuted on a pro se basis.

Here are some pictures of the letter filed with the U.S. District Court.

It is again proven that yet another legal claim of Brian D. Hill of formerly USWGO Alternative News was uncontested and undisputed by the U.S. Government. They know that Brian could have been found not guilty by a jury in his child pornography case in 2014. They knew Brian was formerly a news online journalist at uswgo.com. They rather not respond than admit that they were wrong. They will not respond unless the Court makes them respond. What a joke of our legal system. Corrupt Federal Court system. Corrupt, corrupt, and corrupt. Wasting tax payer’s money on this November, 2013th baseless prosecution against Brian D. Hill. Wrongful conviction on top of that due to ineffective assistance of counsel. Deleting email attachments and refusing to investigate anything which had caused Brian to falsely plead guilty to child porn in 2014, it is all a joke.