Update!!! November 9, 2022: See connected update article: U.S. Supreme Court receives Brian D. Hill’s filings regarding Attorney Lin Wood’s alleged information about blackmail scheme on the day of the BLOOD MOON, a bad omen for Chief Justice John Roberts if he is guilty of child rape and murder – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Author: Stanley Bolten

Former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News man Brian D. Hill is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse the Fourth Circuit’s dismissal of two federal appeals asking for remanding the corrupt U.S. District Court to appoint a Special Master for the purposes of subpoenaing and investigating the alleged blackmail sex tapes originally spoken of on Twitter by the infamous Attorney L. Lin Wood. Attorney Wood had brought out allegations against Chief Justice John Roberts as well as other “judges” and “officials” that they were being targeted in a blackmail scheme of being video recorded committing heinous acts of child rape and murder. Brian has filed his Petition for Writ of Certiorari today, as well as a “EMERGENCY APPLICATION” to the Chief Justice John Roberts compelling him under federal law to recuse himself since the “John Roberts” had been accused by name in a few tweets from Attorney Lin Wood, aka Attorney Wood. Another exhibit from the record of the U.S. District Court (used as evidence in appendix to the emergency Application) had a printout of an article from radiopatriot.net regarding a TELEGRAM posting from Attorney Wood posting a status update on the blackmail tapes originally seen by American actor Issac Kappy before he was murdered, and was found by a hacking group called The Lizard Squad.

Also it should be noted that Radio Patriot blog also covered a link to this blog on the issues about the new digital Brownstoning Operations where the pedos inside the U.S. Government can frame people with child pornography because it is far cheaper and easier for the Feds to plant the child abuse photos rather than having a politician or judge raping an actual minor on video camera recordings. Blackmail by actual physical sex crimes is one method of the Deep State’s arsenal for character assassination for both control and compromise. Brian argues that a SPECIAL MASTER is necessary to determine if the federal judges involved in Brian’s criminal case were blackmailed with this child rape and murder alleged blackmail scheme.

A “special master” is appointed by a court to carry out some sort of action on its behalf. Theoretically, a “special master” is distinguished from a “master”. A master’s function is essentially investigative, compiling evidence or documents to inform some future action by the court, whereas a special master carries out some direct action on the part of the court. It appears, however, that the “special master” designation is often used for people doing purely investigative work, and that the simple “master” designation is falling out of use.


Here are the files (the files are in PDF format) – I thank Brian’s family for providing these files to this blog for publishing):
2. LETTER-CLERK-11-7-2022.pdf – Letter from Brian D. Hill to the Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court to file every single page electronically on the SCOTUS website docket page, and requesting not to cover up filings again.
3. WRIT-CERTIORARI-11-7-2022.pdf – Note: Petition to address the blackmail scheme of child rape and murder as Attorney L. Lin Wood alleged on Twitter last year in January. – PETITION FOR A WRIT OF CERTIORARI
4. Certificate-of-Compliance-11-7-2022-Pet.pdf – Certificate of Compliance for Petition Certiorari filing
5. Certificate-of-Compliance-11-7-2022-Emy-App.pdf – Certificate of Compliance for Emergency Application filing
6. Affidavit-of-Service-Petition.pdf – Affidavit of Service for serving on respondents the Petition for Writ of Certiorari
7. Affidavit-of-Service-IFP-Motion.pdf – Affidavit of Service for serving on respondents the Motion to Proceed In Forma Pauperis
8. Affidavit-of-Service-Emergency-Application.pdf – Affidavit of Service for serving on respondents the Emergency Application
9. Xfinity Connect Read_ [EXTERNAL] SCOTUS Petition Brian David Hill v_ United States Printout(2).pdf – Email read receipt from Office of the Solicitor General of the U.S Department of inJustice.
10. Xfinity Connect Read_ [EXTERNAL] SCOTUS Petition Brian David Hill v_ United States Printout.pdf – Read receipt email from Asst. U.S. Attorney Margaret Reece
11. View_Print Label.pdf – Photocopy of UPS mailing label with VOID labels added since label was already paid for and used. Published for reference and proof of mailing to U.S. Supreme Court.
12. Xfinity Connect UPS Access Point Package Receipt Printout.pdf – Email of delivery to UPS Access Point business of filing to U.S. Supreme Court.
13. Xfinity Connect SCOTUS Petition Brian David Hill v_ United States Printout.pdf – Email to U.S. Attorney Office, U.S. Solicitor General, electronic service of PDF files of pleadings to U.S. Supreme Court.
14. USWGO_20221107_125955(OCR).pdf – Proof of mailings to respondents with certified mail
15. USWGO_20221107_094207(OCR).pdf – Photocopy of box mailed to U.S. Supreme Court from different sides
16. USWGO_20221107_105033(OCR).pdf – Photocopy of box at time of mailing and what was mailed to the U.S. Supreme Court, photocopy of each document
17. USWGO_20221107_054055(OCR).pdf – Photocopy of what was mailed to U.S. Attorney Office
18. USWGO_US_Solicitor_General_service_envelope(OCR).pdf – Photocopy of what was mailed to U.S. Solicitor General Office

The petition for rehearing filed by Brian a few months ago was denied where Brian asked the appeals court to overturn it’s dismissals on requesting a Special Master in the U.S. District Court, and the mandate was issued against Brian on October 31, 2022 or November 1, 2022. This was the same Fourth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals which its very Judicial Council denied Brian’s request for an investigation into the child rape and murder blackmail videos to determine which judges in the Fourth Circuit federal court regions were compromised by this “blackmail scheme”. They refused to investigate and gaslighted the decision by claiming Brian had no proof of judges being blackmailed. Well… if they refuse to even investigate the blackmail scheme as alleged by Attorney Wood, then I guess it doesn’t exist, well does it? That’s the very mind games these corrupt judges play. They act like evidence doesn’t exist and refuse investigations, all to protect the corrupt Deep State actors, you know.

Once the filings are published at the Supreme Court docket page at their website, we will update you on this and provide links to the filings directly from SupremeCourt.gov. This is a very important case which affects both American politics and the American judiciary aka the Courts.

Brian has also written the Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court asking them not to cover up his filings ever again.

Here are some of the tweets at issue in regards to this Certiorari Writ case where Brian is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse the Fourth Circuit’s dismissal of two appeals of two motions denied asking for a Special Master to investigate the alleged child rape and murder sex tapes and subpoena Attorney Lin Wood for compelling him to have his source or sources to provide the sex tapes aka the blackmail tapes to the Special Master to investigate this special evidence to determine if Hon. Thomas David Schroeder (Chief Judge, Middle District of North Carolina, U.S. District Court) was in any of the alleged blackmail videos and if Hon. William Lindsey Osteen Junior (Former Chief Judge, Middle District of North Carolina, U.S. District Court) was in any of the alleged blackmail videos.

Tweet #1 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #2 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #6 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Here are some photographs of Brian D. Hill celebrating that this is the day that the blackmail scheme be thwarted by Brian’s efforts to end the federal judicial corruption by fighting the blackmailers. Fighting the blackmailers is Brian’s only way of acquittal. Where We Go One We Go All.