Author: Stanley Bolten

For a second time, Joe M (the storm us upon us) on TELEGRAM has posted one of our articles about the ongoing battle in the U.S. Supreme Court in Brian D. Hill’s fight for a Special Master to review over alleged blackmail scheme videotapes as claimed by Attorney L. Lin Wood on Twitter. As of November 29, 2022, around 1 AM, the second posting has received over 4,600 views, 40 likes on the inner article, 18 likes on the Joe M post itself, as well as hearts a few other smileys. I am sure John Roberts did not want this to get as popular as it has. We will keep fighting until he recuses himself. Our goal is WE WANT ALL BLACKMAILED JUDGES AND JUSTICES OUT OF BRIAN HILL’S CASES NOW. Brian D. Hill can be acquitted once the corrupt blackmailed judges and justices are recused from any further involvement with Brian’s federal cases. We will keep fighting until Brian David Hill is acquitted. Brian David Hill = Innocence.

The wonderful and kind Joe M who actually cares about what he actually publish, the links to them are before the screenshot proof. There are others who care about our articles and care about Brian D. Hill, like Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change. Joe M is just another good Samaritan who actually cares about those who are fallen comrades in the information war.


The proof is in and is documented. Total views of 4,605.