Author: Stanley Bolten

A government-bot or Federal-Agent-bot posted defamatory information against Brian D. Hill of formerly USWGO Alternative News, and was posted at Q-Research. I want to contact 8-kum and have our response (with evidence) to have them put this in reply to this defamatory comment. I don’t wish to name call or anything like that. I only want to publish the truth and the facts. I do have the opinion that this could either be a government-bot/Federal-Agent-bot or is somebody who is ignorant about the facts of Brian’s innocence in his criminal case. I heard from Brian’s family that the U.S. Probation Office has this evidence of Brian’s innocence but the Deep State Swamp does not want Brian acquitted, because it is character assassination. Killing the character of the messenger to discredit the message rather than murdering the messenger because that would draw suspicion. Character assassination is more effective and is one of the Deep State’s greatest of weapons in the information war, the intelligence war.

Before I bring up the facts and proof favorable to Brian D. Hill, I will bring up what this person had said, with the defamatory information, and allow the truth seekers and researchers at QResearch to investigate this further if they feel that it is necessary.

>I’d bet BIG ^^^this^^^ is legit!
You chose poorly:

“Brian David Hill appeals the district court’s judgment revoking his supervised release and imposing a sentence of nine months in prison, followed by an additional nine years of supervised release. On appeal, Hill argues that the district court erred by conducting the revocation hearing without a jury and failing to apply a beyond a reasonable doubt standard of proof, erred in finding that Hill violated a condition of his supervised release, and bused its discretion in denying Hill’s motion to continue the revocation hearing.”

There were 400+ petitions processed through conference Friday. It is routine.”

The defamatory posting was in response to the posting on 8kun at QResearch about the Supreme Court case on blackmail scheme. That includes Chief Justice John Roberts.

As to the one who brought up about Brian’s criminal case. Let me inform you as to the TRUTH, T-R-U-T-H, the facts. This will put this issue to rest and response to those nay-Sayers. It will also explain ON FACTS #0-0 as to why Brian believes the federal judges are being blackmailed with child rape and murder, and as to why he is fighting as far as the U.S. Supreme Court. See and shadow docket filing of EMERGENCY MOTION for response.

Also there was one reply post at QResearch on 8kun website, which made sense. The criminal case is not relevant to the issue of judges being blackmailed with any crime. If Chief Justice John Roberts is blackmailed, we shouldn’t focus on the defamatory criminal history of the Petitioner filer unless all sides bring up evidence so that we can have a fair discussion instead of a ONE SIDED JUDICIAL TYRANNY. Let every party bring up the evidence, even if it disproves the Government’s claims.

Response to the defamer who tried to attack the character of Brian Hill the petition filer.

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, in the City of Martinsville, Virginia, was exposed to CARBON MONOXIDE GAS during the period of October 5, 2017 when metal tin was reportedly posted on the chimney up until after the arrest of Brian David Hill. I have the evidence which disproves the defamatory comment and three federal appeal judges who defamed Brian Hill in his federal case.

FACT #1: Pete Compton, of ACE Chimney & Wildlife, made a witness statement, family didn’t know how to properly make it into an affidavit at the time in 2019, but still he agreed to do an affidavit or testify under oath. He witnessed metal tin placed on the chimney of the Triplex apartment where Brian D. Hill, the criminal defendant, had lived since 2016. Brian’s mother named Roberta who owns the Triplex was dealing with birds flying into the chimney in 2016 aka the chimney swifts (which are birds, look it up). Because of that she tried to hire as cheap as possible because of the limited income, and not everybody has a ton of money. We all want to save money. She didn’t know what happened until a year later. She called multiple chimney services up (backed up phone call log records Brian filed in his state case). Brian’s mother also did not know of the carbon monoxide until 2019 after Brian’s arrest, this affected her too. This explains about the carbon monoxide. Read the document from this expert witness. See (2nd page)

FACT #2: Brian Hill and his family have photographs of white residue in the fireplaces and the outside of the chimney. Pete Compton shown how the white residue was caused by the carbon monoxide. Because metal tin was placed on top of the chimney flues. Brian and his mother had gas appliances such as a gas radiator and a gas hot water heater. The fumes from the appliances had nowhere to escape and was flowing through both apartments of Brian David Hill and his mother Roberta. Both suffered under the bad affects.

FACT #3: Brian Hill filed this evidence in both Federal Court and State Court, as well as Martinsville Police Department with the medical records and Pete Compton letter which were ignored by Martinsville Police (read pages 39-43 of the document Exhibit 2), See See pages 39-43 of Brian’s blood was never tested for carbon monoxide because he was already in police custody at the time he was temporarily hospitalized. It was months later that Brian’s family was aware of the carbon monoxide months after Brian was in jail.

FACT #4: The evidence shown from the Martinsville Memorail Hospital, that the laboratory results and drug testing were conducted to determine if drugs, narcotics, or even potentially gasses (like Carbon Monoxide or any other exposure to harmful gasses). Then they were deleted from the chart of his medical record. So the proof of being drugged or gassed by Carbon Monoxide gas poisoning was covered up. See the two following embedded YouTube videos from attorney or attorneys who have involved in Carbon Monoxide litigation. This will explain to the non-expert people what Brian was subjected to, the harmful gas, the silent killer, and can cause abnormal behavior. See and

FACT #5: Brian Hill has Autism Spectrum Disorder since he was age 4. Prior to the diagnosis of Autism, he was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). See

FACT #6: Autism is already a complicated neurological disorder, a brain damage situation. Brian was then exposed to carbon monoxide gas for about a year. From October 5, 2017, until leaving the hone around September 20, 2018. A few weeks away from a complete month. Brian was arrested on September 21, 2018 for a behavior (no victims, no restitution) that can be caused by carbon monoxide gas exposure, poisoning. Both bad affects can cause Brian’s brain to act abnormally and can cause the very things which Brian was charged with in 2018. Understand the EVIDENCE and the FACTS.

FACT #7: Brian Hill filed in his current pending 2255 case, evidence proving that he was innocent of his supervise release violation noted at the defamatory posting at QResearch. Brian disproved three elements of that criminal charge. Brian disproved that he was being obscene because he was under the influence of Carbon Monoxide Gas for about a year, a few weeks shy of an entire year. Brian disproved intent on the same reason. Brian has a legal defense of involuntary intoxication. Usually if a person is found naked at night wandering around, the police normally should be testing the suspect for any drugs, narcotics or gas, before charging that person with indecent exposure. None of that was done, the hospital said that the laboratory tests were deleted from the chart. See page 8 of 8 in this federal filing: The police officer Robert Jones who arrested Brian said under oath in federal court that he assumed that the laboratory work was done, and that he was medically and psychologically cleared. That is not the truth. The laboratory tests and drug tests were DELETED FROM THE CHART. So they were covered up or there was medical neglect or stupidity basically. Brian was not medically cleared, so he is not guilty of the elements of obscenity and intent, because he was not even medically cleared from a laboratory testing standpoint, they were covered up, they were DELETED FROM THE CHART, HIS MEDICAL RECORD CHART. See the evidence below:

Petitioner’s REPLY to Government’s Response (DKT. # 319 ) to Motion under 28 U.S.C. ยง2255 to Vacate, Set Aside, Or Correct Sentence (DKT. # 291 ), by BRIAN DAVID HILL. (1) Exhibit List in Support of Petitioner’s Reply to Government’s Response, # 2 Exhibit 1, # 3 Exhibit 3, # 4 Exhibit 5, # 5 Exhibit 6, # 6 Exhibit 7, # 7 Exhibit 8, # 8 Exhibit 10, # 9 Exhibit 11, # 10 Exhibit 12, # 11 Exhibit 13, # 12 Exhibit 14, # 13 Exhibit 15) Civil Case Number 22cv74. (Bowers, Alexis) (Entered: 07/28/2022)

Main Doc – Reply to Response

Att 1 – Exhibit List in Support of Petitioner’s Reply to Government’s Respons

Att 2 – Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2 not publicly in court record and was release before being filed: Find Exhibit 2 in

Att 3 – Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4 not publicly in court record and was release before being filed: Find Exhibit 4 in

Att 4 – Exhibit 5

Att 5 – Exhibit 6

Att 6 – Exhibit 7

Att 7 – Exhibit 8

Exhibit 9 not publicly in court record and was release before being filed: Find Exhibit 4 in

Att 8 – Exhibit 10

Att 9 – Exhibit 11

Att 10 – Exhibit 12

Att 11 – Exhibit 13

Att 12 – Exhibit 14

Att 13 – Exhibit 15

FACT #8: Brian presented all of this proof of innocence. All of it was ignored by the courts. The court ignored the carbon monoxide letter from Pete Compton.Read the transcript of the supervised release violation hearing. Evidence of billing record did not exist at the time of the supervised release violation hearing. Billing record proved IV tubes were used in Brian’s hospitalization, proved that Brian was dehydrated at the time of his arrest and temporary hospitalization. Had evidence which proved that something was not done properly at the Martinsville Memorial Hospital. Brian proved that he was not medically and psychologically cleared. Piedmont Community Services diagnosed Brian with having a psychosis, which is a reported symptom of Carbnon Monoxide gas. See The judges ignored it all and only evidence of his guilt, but not evidence of his innocence. It was all one sided which is ILLEGAL, violation of due process of law under the U.S. Constitution. Courts are where truth are supposed to come to light, where all facts of an accused law-breaker are known, and evidence from both sides taken into account, into consideration before making a finding of guilty or not guilty. Brian was NOT given due process of law, that is why he believes the judges involved in his case may be blackmailed with rape and murder of a child on videotape.

“The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are non-specific and varied, and include headache, fatigue, malaise, “trouble thinking”, confusion, nausea, dizziness, visual disturbances, chest pain, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, and seizures.” and “ Symptoms include cognitive changes, personality changes, incontinence, psychosis, and Parkinsonism. Fortunately, 50-75% of people recover within 1 year.”

FACT #9: Brian filed the evidence of his innocence and disproving the elements of his criminal charge. Normally Brian would have been acquitted, but the corrupt Martinsville judge Giles Carter Greer denied all of his proof under the claim of having NO JURISDICTION, refused to make a ruling on the merits of Brian’s claims and evidence proving innocence of his criminal charge. Brian is INNOCENT, but he cannot win in the Virginia Courts because of their strict laws and draconian legal system. Brian is being deprived of being allowed to prove his innocence to both his state conviction and his probation violation which are the same thing, both are of the same allegation in 2018, the same charge.

See the evidence in both articles: Corrupt Judge Giles Carter Greer (Martinsville Circuit Court, Virginia) denies all motions asking for acquittal or new trial – All in lockstep with Federal Court WAR against Brian D. Hill – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News; and Brian D. Hill files two motions for acquittal of state conviction, one against suspect: JaCody Cassell of The Chimney Sweep, and one proving that he was not medically/psychologically cleared at time of arrest – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News; and also see the proof of JaCody Cassell the suspected culprit of the Carbon Monoxide causing person by placing metal tin on top of the chimney. See

FACT #10: Brian Hill filed a complaint in May 2022 with the Attorney General’s Office in the Commonwealth/State of Virginia. He filed a complaint against a business entity known as THE CHIMNEY SWEEP in Rocky Mount, Virginia. Owned by a man named JaCody Cassell. JaCody Cassell hired an attorney named Eric Ferguson in Rocky Mount, Virginia. Eric submitted a response to the complaint in writing denying the allegations, and further claiming that Cassell never did any work for Roberta Hill, Brian’s mother, never did an estimate, and cannot remember anything, and has no records of ever conducting the chimney work at Brian’s residence prior to his state charge and arrest. Brian through his mother, filed a PHOTOCOPY OF THE CHECK, $300 CHECK SIGNED BY JACODY CASSELL HIMSELF. Brian also filed through his mother the archived PDF Files of telephone logs of xFinity/Comcast, proving that a phone number owned and listed as being owned by either JaCody Cassell or his father. That phone number was also listed as a cell phone number, and was listed in the business LOGO at Better Business Bureau. Brian proved that JaCody Cassell lied on multiple claims. Claim of not ever giving an estimate, claim of not doing any service for Ms. Hill. He got paid $300 for what now??????? Chimney work, that is his business model, chimney work. So what was $300 being paid to him for if he denies ever doing anything??? The check was paid for to THE CHIMNEY SWEEP, and signed in cursive writing by the last name of CASSELL. After Eric Ferguson his lawyer was confronted with this proof, they backed out and the complaint was dismissed for no resolution. Brian filed all of this proof and correspondence with the Martinsville Circuit Court. THE CULPRIT FOR THE CARBON MONOXIDE GAS POISONING. HE WAS CAUGHT LYING WHEN HE DENIED THE ALLEGATIONS BROUGHT BY BRIAN DAVID HILL. Now all of the proof is online for anybody at 8kuin and QResearch, for anybody who wants to check into his criminal history, Brian is innocent of it. He was given a rigged judicial process. Go ahead and sue Brian Hill, JaCody Cassell, YOU PROVEN LIAR. Let it all come out that Brian Hill is innocent of his supervised release violation, let it all come out the general public to see. No good deed goes unpunished.

Redacted motion for judgment of acquittal (PDF Document)
Motion requesting corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall response (PDF Document)
Proof of filing by Hon. Ashby Pritchett, Clerk of Circuit Court (PDF Document)

It appears from the record of the motion that Jacody Cassell of The Chimney Sweep lied to the Office of Attorney General in Commonwealth of Virginia. Here is the lies which are documented in the motion and are posted on this blog as well. We will not let liars get away with their treachery when they hurt somebody or harmed them. Time to bring such treachery to light, liars must be exposed to the light in the sea of darkness.

Here is what lies Jacody Cassell had spoken of.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. They will forever be enshrined as a business who is operated or owned by a LIAR. A cowardly liar. Don’t take my word for it, review over the evidence for yourself. Review over the motion and its supporting document citations. It will likely take months for the judge and corrupt Commonwealth attorney to go through it all. They are being placed in checkmate, like in a Chess type game of intelligence warfare.

Cassell is the coward in this entire process. His attorney ran away like the coward he was once he was confronted with the photocopy of the check. The complaint was closed again by the Attorney General of Virginia, so I had some very not-so-nice things to say to them about how they refused to go after the ones who poisoned Brian Hill and his mother with carbon monoxide gas which caused the poisoning which is not-voluntary intoxication, the indecent exposure, all of that. The Attorney General is a failure to bring justice for Brian and his family. See blog posting: Re: FW: 953850 Mr. Brian D. Hill VS The Chimney Sweep, PHOTOCOPY OF SIGNED CHECK, CASSELL SIGNED CHECK – Pleadings for Justice For Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News