Author: Stanley Bolten

This blog of Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News has now received attacks, CIA style attacks from TOR EXIT NODES, traps being set to try to entrap Brian to revoke Brian’s Probation and then Solicitor General Jeff B. Wall claiming that Brian will never get a pardon because he claims without any evidence that is a pedo, even though Brian has proven a lot of his actual innocence and is just a victim of judicial corruption. We have the evidence, we have the emails, we have the messages sent through this blog contact system.

First message that came from a TOR Exit Node was from a Ken McAllister of the Claimed he was “appalled at what appears to be a travesty of justice. I am the former U.S. Attorney in Greensboro. Do not email me or call in case they are listening.” That right there is suspicious.

The IP Address was checked of this message and it turned out to be an IP Address associated with a TOR Exit Node. An anonymous encrypted routing proxy system.

I sent an email to this supposed lawyer to see if it really was him.

Ken McAllister,

Around January 18, 2021 at 4:43 pm, you supposedly left a comment in regards to the matter discussed at “Justice for B____ D____ H___ of U____ Alternative News” blog and said not to email you, but I suspect that the comment could be fake and it is a trap for him because your supposed comment if you had even sent it at all was sent by IP Address which is a TOR Exit Node. You understand that we cannot just accept a request from a TOR based IP Address because this man was threatened by TORMAIL emails in 2013 as well as Attorney Susan Basko in 2015. We can’t trust this comment based solely upon a TOR Exit Node based IP Address.

I need you to confirm whether you had indeed made this comment at this blog. You don’t have to say anything that could identify what you said to the wrong people when you sent this blog your message. I am one of the Administers of this blog.

This is your comment if I am correct:

“I have read this and I am appalled at what appears to be a travesty of justice. I am the former U.S. Attorney in Greensboro. Do not email me or call in case they are listening. Come to my office Tuesday morning, tell receptionist “WWG1WGA”, she will know and let me know you are there. Bring your documents, please, so I can review them.

First of all, Brian is under federal probation because his own attorney Eric David Placke lied to him, refused to show Brian his entire discovery evidence material before pressuring Brian and his entire family to have him falsely plead guilty or face 20 years.

I can’t just take your word based upon an anonymous comment. We suspect it is a trap to have Brian come down to your office which would violate his probation conditions of going out of the Western District of Virginia just to even try to meet with you without asking for permission. He cannot just get permission that quickly to come down to your office. It can take a day, maybe a week depending on the Probation Office.
The request that Brian just come down to your office quickly by Tuesday morning risks that Brian violates his conditions. We need to know if this was really you or if somebody is impersonating you.

The attorney had responded by saying that he never sent such an email.

So somebody was sending a fake email using the TOR Exit Node. Somebody impersonated Ken McAllister, a former U.S. Attorney in the Middle District of North Carolina in attempting to set a trap to try to have Brian’s supervised release revoked and put Brian back in federal prison, again. That person was hoping that I would forward that email to Brian’s family and the perpetrator or perpetrators thought Brian would be stupid enough to quickly go down there to that Attorney Office in North Carolina thinking that some form of an investigation would open up and Brian would finally be acquitted. Scary tactic here.

As for the second TOR Node based message, a second email was received from a “Jeffrey B. Wall” the acting U.S. Solicitor General of the U.S. Department of Justice. Stating that Brian didn’t receive a pardon because he was a pedo and pedos do not get pardons with a smiley face on it. Very creepy here! Brian has more than very well proven facts of his actual innocence and is being stonewalled by the corrupt Federal Judiciary which may be compromised by child rape and murder as Attorney L. Lin Wood had revealed and alleged on Twitter. If Brian was really a pedo like the anonymous message sender had claimed, then why is Brian filing so many affidavits alleging his actual innocence and filed a large 2255 brief and evidence exhibits attempting to demonstrate his actual innocence??? If ANYBODY IS A PEDO, It is FAKE PRESIDENT Joe Biden and/or his son Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden is the PEDOPHILE POTUS, the highest office of the United States of America is occupied by a PEDOPHILE. Jeffrey B. Wall should realize and understand that by now if that was really him or if it may be an impersonator.

Anyways here is this weird message from this person named Jeffrey B. Wall.

Now I have looked up the IP Address of this so-called sender of this nutty message.

So this message too came from a TOR Exit Node. The Solicitor General’s email address is widely easy to find online, especially at

If this really is Jeffrey B. Wall, then he is making accusatory extrajudicial comments while involved in current litigation with Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Because this is a TOR Exit Node and the first message was confirmed as a fake impersonated message from a fake Ken McAllister. It is likely that this is an impersonator too but of Jeffrey B. Wall, the acting Solicitor General of the U.S. Government. Impersonating a federal agent or officer is a federal crime, as serious as stolen valor. A United States Attorney is considered a law enforcement officer. So somebody may have impersonated a federal officer in an attempt to piss us off and make us angry enough to email a reply back. A very disturbing tactic.

So TOR attacks are being ramped up against Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News.

This is as expected because the RATS are trying to gang up on us, RATS PANIC in DC.