Connected article: U.S. SUPREME COURT ATTEMPTING TO BLOCK FILING of Emergency Application asking BLACKMAILED Chief Justice John Roberts to recuse himself and Certiorari Petition for denied motions asking for Special Master to review over blackmail videos alleged by Attorney L. Lin Wood, child rape and murder blackmail – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Author: Stanley Bolten

Brian D. Hill, former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News, files a faxed letter (two times) with the U.S. Supreme Court demanding resolution to the Deputy Clerk Clayton Higgins blocking the Writ of Certiorari petition and Emergency Application appealing the judge denying motions asking for a Special Master to investigate over the alleged blackmail scheme video recordings of “judges” and “officials” engaging in child rape and murder as claimed by Attorney L. Lin Wood, last year on Twitter. The article on the illegal/unlawful blocking of Brian’s petitions has received over 5,700 views on TELEGRAM, thousands of views as reported by visitor stats, and has been syndicated by a fellow journalist blogger at Clever Journeys. We are the new media. Last year Lin Wood had publicly released a photograph of an unnamed letter he received from the person or persons who allegedly gave Lin Wood the information about the Lizard Squad hacked blackmail video recordings of allegedly child rape and murder.

Documents are here:
Letter to Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court – November 14, 2022(2) w_attachments.pdf – Original letter
November 14, 2022(2) w_attachments {2022-11-14}.pdf – FAX Record of faxed Letter to Clerk
{2022-11-15}.pdf – Transmission ticket proof of transmission and receipt to FAX number of U.S. Supreme Court
{2022-11-15} (2).pdf – 2nd Transmission ticket proof of transmission and receipt to FAX number of U.S. Supreme Court

Brian had demanded that his Petition and Emergency Application for Chief Justice John Robert’s recusal to be filed and that he be reimbursed for the postal expenses for mailing the filings to the U.S. Supreme Court since the deputy clerk had erroneously returned Brian’s pleadings. Brian made it clear that the Clerk is violating federal law under 18 U.S. Code § 2071 – Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally. So Brian has leverage for his demands. The clerks were not supposed to refuse to file anything in the Court under false pretenses as an excuse to block a filing. Federal law was already violated and Brian was injured in the amount of time, carpal tunnel damage, amount of expenses, amount of work and effort made, and limited resources made into the entire Supreme Court filings. Brian’s frustration and demands are warranted. He found the hidden fax number of the U.S. Supreme Court by calling different random phone numbers, and used this to get through the GREAT WALL OF CENSORSHIP AND BLOCKAGE. Is Chief Justice John Roberts behind this??? We cannot prove that yet, but we can prove the deputy clerk Clayton R. Higgins violated federal law by refusing to file valid pleadings under false pretense. Brian called five different clerk voicemails and vows to contact more until the issue is resolved. John Roberts isn’t a king and is not a dictator, but is only the Chief Justice of the entire U.S. Supreme Court with nine justices total. John Roberts is not god, he is not a dictator. He has no right to ask anybody to block filings if that is ever proven to be the case.

Audio recordings can be downloaded here:

Archived here

Here are some photos of the letter to the Clerk on how blocking Brian Hill’s filings was illegal and unlawful because an invalid excuse was given by the deputy clerk Clayton Higgins. He purposefully set the bar at impossible to reach, demanding a “final order” of the U.S. District Court which does not exist since the appeals over the Special Master requests were interlocutory appeals. Thus making it impossible to comply with the demand. So Brian is demanding that the petition be filed by proving that Higgins is a liar, that he gave an illegal excuse to illegally block Brian’s petition. Is this to protect Chief Justice John Roberts the blackmailed individual????? Is John Roberts being blackmailed with child rape and murder??? Come to your own conclusions as Attorney Lin Wood had said.

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