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Jack Posobiec and Alex Jones talk briefly about Child Porn Set Ups, blackmail, brownstone operations

Alex Jones and Jack Posobiec had an interview on Sunday, October 23, 2022. They spoke about the new digital brownstone operations which is digital child porn file planting operations. File planting by both emails, possibly text messages (anything where images can be sent or received) and computer hacking like for example: Win32/MoliVampire.A. This blog has been covering this since 2018. We Are Change and ActivistPost covered this. See the portion of the interview uploaded on YouTube, Brighteon, and Internet Archive.

OPINION: Possibly the “POLITICAL HACKERS SQUAD” framed Alex Jones with child porn to destroy and deny anti-SLAPP motion in Sandy Hook lawsuit, evidence they framed Brian D. Hill into wrongful criminal conviction, same group of proclaimed perpetrators

NOTE: If we can prove the POLITICAL HACKERS SQUAD framed both Alex Jones and Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News with child porn, we want the 1 Millions Dollars. Brian D. Hill wants that reward for the misery and… Continue Reading →

Child Porn Set Up Operation against Alex Jones was the WEAPON to default Alex Jones and take away anti-SLAPP legal defense of Infowars, bar them from dismissing the lawsuit

Attorney Norm Pattis made a good point yesterday during the EMERGENCY TRANSMISSION of The Alex Jones Show, of Infowars, about the whole child pornography set up operation attempt which was used to enrage Alex Jones into saying things out of anger and emotion on The Alex Jones Show on June 14, 2019. Out of his emotional and angry remarks, they dubbed him a “threat to the administration of justice” in the CORRUPT Supreme Court of Connecticut. See article: Connecticut Supreme Court rules against Alex Jones who had been set up with child porn, ranting about it. Then used the child pornography set up attempt and Alex Jones’s emotional remarks to bar him from being allowed to be granted a motion to dismiss a defamation lawsuit on the basis that Alex Jones made statements which were protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, also known as the anti-SLAPP law. Essentially, child pornography was used as a WEAPON to prevent Alex Jones from dismissing the lawsuit against him by anti-SLAPP law. From our analysis and Attorney Norm Pattis’s remarks, it gives us the indication that child porn was partially at fault and the angry emotional remarks by Alex Jones in response to the child porn set up attempt which was live on his radio show broadcast was used as the main cause of barring him from succeeding on a anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss. Because of that issue alone, Alex Jones was not given a fair trial under Due Process of Law, was told he will have to pay $1 BILLION of U.S. Dollars in damages, and that the intent of the verdict was to shut down Infowars and turn it into a Woke media organization. See the archive of the video to protect it from being disappeared at a later time. The intent of the elite was to shut down Alex Jones for the rest of his life where he may likely kill himself as his only way out. YES, CHILD PORN IS A WEAPON, AND PEOPLE CONTINUE TRYING TO BAN OUR ARTICLES AND BAN ME FROM MANY POLITICAL GROUPS. Even got banned from sending emails from Protonmail. They don’t want to believe that child porn is a weapon used by the communists to shut down their political opposition. They can plant this filth on any of us at any time, and call the police on people to where they find the child porn which was planted with the intent of assassinating the characters of political opponents.


Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News is making this peaceful CALL TO ACTION on October 4/5, 2022, on stopping the United States of America from framing any more patriots, alternative news-people, and activists with child pornography. The Federal Government must stop framing/setting people up with child porn. Brian wants everyone to tell their stories, blow the whistle, and stop the Communist Obama Administration from framing any more American patriots with child porn. CHILD PORN IS A WEAPON, A VIOLENT WEAPON OF WAR. Child Porn is a weapon by the communists to plant on anybody they want.

Brian Makes a Statement about Alex Jones child porn set up used by Sandy Hook defamation trial – YouTube, Doesn’t think Chris Mattei was moral in bringing up the child porn set up attempt on Alex Jones during Sandy Hook defamation Trial

Brian Makes a Statement about Alex Jones child porn set up used by Sandy Hook defamation trial

Brian D. Hill defends Alex Jones and disagrees with Chris Mattei for bringing up Alex Jones and him being set up with child porn in any prejudicial context where the jury may be prejudiced to give Alex Jones a worse judgment. This is a dangerous precedent that child porn is a WEAPON, CHILD PORN IS A WEAPON. A POLITICAL WEAPON.

Is there yet another child porn set up attempt on Alex Jones?????? More and more, Commies, FBI, DOJ, Deep State starting to use CHILD PORN AS WEAPON OF CHOICE against political enemies

New rounds of child porn frame up attacks have come from the Mainstream corporate media. Child porn is a political weapon of choice for the deep state to use and by the deep state to use. Articles surfacing claiming that Alex Jones is text messaging child porn, MARCA claiming (Wayback Machine archive): “The lawyers affirmed they received child pornography documents on the leaked text messages. Consultants found sensitive images and alerted the FBI about the situation. “The FBI advised counsel that its review located numerous additional illegal images, which had apparently been sent to Infowars email address,” the filing states.” Even though he ignores Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News who has evidence he was framed with child porn, it is still wrong for the deep state political regime enemy to try to frame Alex Jones with child porn. Won’t say by name or organization of who that enemy is as we don’t wish to be sued by the lawyers. Whether Alex Jones is MOS or not, whether Alex Jones is a backstabbing traitor or not, it does show how much child po

Is allegedly Robert Bridge the culprit of who framed Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News with child porn??? IS “ROBERT BRIDGE” THE CULPRIT???

It is time to reveal those who I believe may allegedly be responsible for framing Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News with child porn. We Are Change did an article on this in 2016, as well as that article referenced on ActivistPost in 2019, about the State Bureau of Investigation case file claiming that it was downloading between July 20, 2012, and July 28, 2013. Brian’s computer was seized on August 28, 2012. The only way this allegation becomes plausible is if former police detective Robert Bridge knew anything about computer hacking himself, or even placing of computer viruses or having knowledge of computer viruses or Trojan horses. If he knew enough about computer IT Security and hacking, then this makes him the primary suspect or culprit as to who was responsible for this child porn frame up in 2012. It is time to point the finger at him and give him an opportunity to respond. If he reads this article, he has the right to email us his response. If we get hacked instead and no response emailed, then our suspicions are further warranted. Robert Bridge may have worked for the CIA or NSA. Brian suspected he was being targeted by the NSA/CIA.

The Set up of Reporter Brian D Hill – The timeline of events (video) (YouTube) (Brighteon) (

The narrator brings up the timeline on how Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News got framed and set up by the Deep State Swamp minions.


This is an ongoing journalist-type investigation. However information is coming within the Jarrin Jackson Telegram group, on Telegram chat systems. Many patriots are using Telegram including Attorney Lin Wood, Alex Jones, Pete Santilli, and many others. This person alleged that she was added as an admin to a “child porn” group. With hundreds to thousands of images of “child porn” as she had allegedly claimed. This matter is being investigated, watch for any further articles over this matter. Jarrin Jackson is a popular christian military vet. Doesn’t hide the fact on his Telegram (referring to Jarrin) that he knew or knows Attorney L. Lin Wood. Child pornography aka sexual abuse images are being used as a WEAPON right now and has been used since 2013 because of the Deep State and their blackmail operations. Child porn is a WEAPON which communists, pedophile ring scumbags, or any soulless dirty trickster will use to destroy their political enemies, their political targets, have them permanently stigmatized, and ruined forever causing either suicides, imprisonment, probation, Sex Offender Registration, and a life of HELL. It is the perfect weapon to ruin somebody. That is why the dirty corrupt Deep State Feds keep using child porn because it is effective when they prosecute people over simple possession which is easy to fabricate. All they need is to plant one photograph of a naked child abuse photo and that is it, charged with possession can happen, easily fabricated by the prosecution. It is coming and patriots need to take precautions if they haven’t already.

Brian D. Hill of USWGO news WARNING: Corrupt Feds will Frame Up Patriots and Activists to ASSASSINATE CHARACTERS

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News had made a audio statement on July 13, 2021, warning all Patriots and Activists of what the Feds can start doing to them. He warns they got control of the FBI, DOJ, and they can start framing more patriots and activists with child pornography if the Swamp isn’t drained and the pedophiles aren’t removed from Government offices of the United States of America. We need to drain the swamp and soon. We need to stop the Drag Queen story times. We need to stop the pedophiles in High Offices of Power because they have the child porn, they diddle the kids, and they will diddle us all with child porn frame ups and have us raped in prisons. They are out of control and must be ARRESTED and Military Tribunal Nuremberg trials.

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